SharePoint Development

With Itransition SharePoint services your corporate environment will be as productive as you expect


5 solutions from Itransition
to accelerate your business process, improve teamwork and leverage decision-making


We deliver comprehensive enterprise intranet/extranet solutions carefully customized to comply with your business objectives, content taxonomy and organizational structure. Depending on the portal focus and underlying business processes, we build highly flexible and scalable SharePoint solutions that effectively support corporate information flow and may combine content search, access and delivery with collaboration features and automation of related routines.


From simple well-structured document storage to document routing, related workflows and policies, it is Itransition who provides SharePoint-based DMS to process your legal, financial and technical documentation in the most cost-effective and convenient way. Using our broad expertise and technology skills we’re able to build a comprehensive SharePoint-based DMS tailored to you individual needs and scalable for future business growth.


Itransition treats DMS and portal solutions mentioned above as an integral part of enterprise content management. Taking advantage of SharePoint technology we offer DAM implementation bringing your corporate information system closer to ECM level. We make available cost-effective knowledge management, improved collaboration and higher content availability.


Itransition helps companies to setup a single data access gateway and visualize their stats by implementing SharePoint-based business intelligence solutions. We deliver all-round BI solutions, starting from the higher-level presentation layer and down to data mining and data quality management, ensuring a smooth ETL process.


Dealing with huge volumes of internet-focused content or plan to launch new online service? Itransition is a one-stop vendor for designing, developing and maintaining your SharePoint internet portal.


4 options available at Itransition
to fit your needs best

SharePoint from scratch

Get a fully operational, carefully designed SharePoint solution that is configured, customized and tuned to accelerate your business processes by facilitating teamwork, simplifying data access and  automating routines.


Extend an existing solution

Add new features to the SharePoint solution you already have, remove bottlenecks and optimize the overall information structure. Make your SharePoint portal an integration layer connecting people, data sources and business processes.

SharePoint integration

Get the best practices for creating integrated environments based on Microsoft technologies and receive a synergetic effect from using a set of Microsoft products like Exchange Server, Dynamics CRM or Office applications.

For third-party and open-source solutions we provide development of stable and manageable one-way and bidirectional SharePoint connectors.


Migrate to SharePoint

Be sure of a painless transition of your legacy system (or several systems) to SharePoint. We offer a smart and secure approach that focuses on careful planning and ensures uninterrupted business process.

Itransition services include smart upgrade to SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation for companies using earlier SharePoint versions.


10+ services from Itransition
to take maximum of SharePoint advantages


SharePoint consulting helps our clients determine business objectives, identify issues and minimize project risks.

Architecture and design. Take advantage of our 7-year expertise to make things right, achieve higher scalability and avoid possible losses caused by improper SharePoint solution architecture.

Customization. We aim to save your money by carefully utilizing out-of-the-box SharePoint features before starting custom development.

Deployment. We perform a professional SharePoint deployment and configuration including multiple farm deployments.

Training. User and IT team training is an integral part of our SharePoint projects. Itransition helps faster solution implementation by intensive and focused knowledge transfer.


SharePoint custom development. Itransition extends SharePoint solutions by adding custom features and functionality you need.

SharePoint integration. Itransition offers a number of options to make your SharePoint solution a seamless part of information infrastructure or even make it an integration hub for all the data sources and applications across an enterprise.

Migrate to SharePoint. We deliver the most accurate and secure migration services for companies desiring to move their legacy systems to SharePoint.