Andrey Koptelov

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Industrial IoT security: how to protect your enterprise against modern threats

By Andrey Koptelov
Learn what security threats plague industrial IoT today and what countermeasures to adopt against them. Read more

Advanced human-machine interfaces in the Industry 4.0 era

By Andrey Koptelov
Learn how the emergence of human-machine interfaces and their applications reshape the manufacturing industry. Read more

Agile done right: overcoming key transformation roadblocks

By Andrey Koptelov
Get to know the major challenges that can undermine the success of your Agile transformation roadmap and efficiently get over them. Read more

Industrial robotics: computer vision and machine learning converge

By Andrey Koptelov
What’s driving the growth in industrial robotics? We explore the influential factors and trends impacting robots now they can see and learn on the job. Read more

How geospatial tech helps fight COVID-19 right now

By Andrey Koptelov
Learn how coronavirus apps rely on geospatial tech and uncover the cutting-edge examples of anti-pandemic GISs from countries around the world. Read more

Deconstructing IT outsourcing risks

By Andrey Koptelov
Find out more about six IT outsourcing risks and learn how to mitigate them with a more efficient approach to ITO vendor relationships. Read more