Social dimension built-in

There are plenty of ways businesses incorporate social technologies into their processes and workflows. Itransition regards ‘social’ as an integral part of any digital undertaking, seamlessly integrating social technologies at any stage and at any level of application implementation.

Solutions ontop of socialnetworksFully-networkedenterpriseAPI-basedsolutionsDigital matchingplatforms

Digital matching platforms

We deliver digital platforms that support sharing economy business models — from crowdfunding sites and industry-specific networking solutions to peer‑to‑peer marketplaces and collaborative consumption platforms. We build solutions that enable a more precise, real-time measurement of spare capacity and the ability to dynamically connect that capacity with those who need it.


  • Sellers
  • Drivers
  • Hosts
  • Freelancers
  • Job seekers
  • Transportation & hotels
  • Entrepreneurs & artists
  • Educators
  • Traders
  • Money senders
  • Publishers
  • Doctors
  • Investors
Matching platforms
Billing & payments
Background checks
Omnichannel engagement
Big data & analytics
Machine learning


  • Buyers
  • Riders
  • Guests
  • Small businesses
  • Employers
  • Travelers
  • Investors & consumers
  • Learners
  • Customers
  • Money recipients
  • Advertisers
  • Patients
  • Fundraisers

Fully-networked enterprise

We deliver usable enterprise collaboration products rather than simply implement social technologies behind the corporate firewall. The result is an enterprise fully networked both externally and internally.

  • Collaboration & networking
  • Messaging
  • Knowledge management
  • Video & audio communication
  • Workflow management
  • Third-party engagement
  • Enterprise search
  • Mobility


Solutions on top of social networks

Data mining & analytics

Itransition offers expertise in machine learning and database programming skills to develop predictive analytics, social listening tools, complex recommendation and targeted advertising engines driving efficient social media strategies.

Content management

We deliver multi-format content solutions for social networks, from content aggregation and curation to centralized content management, collaborative editing, personalization, and multichannel delivery.

Customer engagement

We create solutions to support marketing, sales and media communication functions from lead generation to customer service around solid social media hubs, omnichannel customer interactions and personalization.

API-based solutions

Be it a dynamic pricing engine or a targeted advertising or recommendation function, we tap on functionality open-sourced by industry giants. From simple chat bots to targeted promotions and value-added services and solutions, we help you utilize the same technology that sits in the heart of the leading market players.