Salesforce for real estate

Salesforce for real estate

Our domains of expertise

As real estate shifts to the technological side, Itransition helps brokers, property owners, agents, and realtors keep in step with digital transformation and embrace customer-centricity by leveraging the efficient and adaptable Salesforce platform.

Residential property

We build and optimize Salesforce-based solutions for businesses that lease, sell, buy and maintain residential real estate.

Commercial property

We utilize Salesforce products to facilitate the processes related to leasing and management of commercial spaces.

Real estate development

We leverage Salesforce CRM for supporting real estate development cycles as well as coordinating the participants of these complex projects.

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Salesforce real estate solutions

We leverage Salesforce as a platform perfectly suited for all-round real estate management. We can enhance your current real estate system with Salesforce tools or build a unique real estate application on top of this market-leading platform.

Real estate solutions

Unified databases

We connect multiple data sources to create a central hub with unified databases of accounts, properties, tenants, or listings and allow any team member to have necessary information at their fingertips, on any device.

  • Structured and unstructured data unification
  • Smart matching of requests and properties
  • Custom integrations
  • Smart search and filtering

Lead management

We support lead nurturing with Salesforce-based automation to make sure you can generate leads from multiple channels, automate lead-to-deal workflows, and avoid lead drain.

  • Cross-channel lead tracking
  • Account management
  • Lead routing
  • Automated notifications of status changes

Document management automation

We build document management workflows and define user roles to streamline collaboration on contracts, additional agreements, amendments, and more.

  • Document tracking and linking to related accounts
  • Template-based document generation
  • Automated document approval flows
  • Contract deadline alerts

Property management

We extend Salesforce capabilities to property management workflows to boost tenants’ satisfaction levels, increase property ROI, and develop portals to enable collaboration between tenants, onsite and offsite staff.

  • Automated lease updates and renewals
  • Move-in and move-out monitoring
  • Online rent payments
  • Maintenance request monitoring

Tenant onboarding

To simplify the tenant onboarding routine, we create digital packages with building plans, administrative information, service descriptions, and agreements within a single Salesforce real estate app.

  • Centralized data storage
  • Lease administration
  • Tenant fit-out management
  • Lease portfolio management

Reporting & analytics

We build reporting solutions to help you track property status and availability, calculate profitability, measure agents’ KPIs, spot local and global trends, and register real estate market fluctuations.

  • Property availability monitoring
  • Sales reports & KPI dashboards
  • Predictions based on customer history
  • Automated report scheduling

Mobile solutions

By using Salesforce Mobile Studio, we create mobile solutions for real estate agents and field staff, enabling them to work on the go: manage property tours, collaborate with coworkers, access reports and dashboards, and update customer statuses in real time.

  • Real-time activity updates
  • Booking management
  • Instant access to customer accounts
  • Automated follow-ups

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Our Salesforce-based services

As a Salesforce Registered Partner, Itransition has gained real-world experience in customizing the platform and its products around specific needs of the real estate industry.