Itransition - SAP Consulting and Audit for Business Solutions.

SAP Consulting and Audit

Business Consulting

Itransition SAP consultants with 5 to 8 years of professional experience help customers generate clear project vision, reveal and prioritize business requirements, optimize business processes and workflows and accurately map them to SAP platforms' capabilities in the most cost-effective and productive manner.

Itransition SAP team elaborates one-fit-one implementation strategy and detailed project roadmap in line with the customer's objectives, budget expectations and time frames.

Itransition SAP team ensures the following components are executed within the consulting stage:

  • Full cycle business analysis

    resides on an individual approach to a particular business. It includes organizational and business processes modeling in line with ARIS methodology, identifying and managing project risks, business process re-engineering to eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Business requirements management

    encapsulates requirement identification, formalization, prioritization, recognition of requirement dependencies and relationships, mapping to the project plan. Itransition covers the full spectrum of requirement types — functional, performance, security, equipment, administration, knowledge transfer.

  • Conceptual design
    and implementation strategy

    results in a comprehensive ready-to-use documentation package.Starting with a higher-level vision, technology projections and cost estimates down to a detailed development and implementation plan, deliverables definitions for each project phase, an acceptance plan.


SAP Consulting Department performs independent audit of SAP NetWeaver and SAP ERP based solutions. The service offering also includes Security Audit.
Additionally, we offer to audit the quality of business process automation covered by third party ERP solutions to check their consistency and compliance to international standards and world's best practices.

Quality Assurance

Quality planning and quality assurance are the integral parts of Itransition SAP Team's project activities. Independent SAP solution testing and QA are also available for our customers as a separate service. Keeping in mind your cost optimization priority Itransition applies test automation (where appropriate) utilizing automation tools and frameworks based on SAP Solution Manager, eCATT (Extended Computer Aided Test Tool), and third party systems.

  • Quality assurance activities are strongly interrelated with requirements management and solution auditing, so they are utilized widely inside consulting and audit services. We focus on the following core QA services:

    • Full life cycle testing
    • All-round acceptance testing
    • Separate specific testing tasks execution
  • To achieve comprehensive test coverage Itransition delivers a complete set of tests:

    • Functional tests
    • Load tests
    • Regression tests
    • Integration tests
    • Usability tests


  • Itransition's documentation strategy aims at seamless knowledge transfer and project history tracking by providing well-structured and complete documentation related to the project in progress. All the documentation generated during the project execution is stored in secure repositories accessible for the customer's representatives and remains at the customer's disposal after the project is accomplished.

    Itransition processes all the documents regarding development, implementation and support of SAP solutions in accordance with ASAP and ASAP Focus standards as well as industry/legal standards and requirements.

  • The core set of documentation provided by Itransition SAP team includes the following components:

    • Requirement specifications, architecture documentation and prototypes
    • “As is” and “to be” models designed in line with ARIS methodology and tools
    • Development task reports and tracking records
    • Issue reports and tracking records
    • System configuration guides
    • Administration guides
    • User guides and business scenarios

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