SAP Customer Experience

Itransition is an experienced provider of SAP Customer Experience (formerly SAP Hybris) solutions aimed at improving customer relationship management. We build solutions based on SAP Customer Experience that bring efficiency and automation for businesses of any scale while enabling seamless customer experiences across touchpoints. Our vast and long-term experience helps us transform commerce cycles at all levels.


Itransition evaluates existing operating models and comes up with digital commerce strategies based on SAP Customer Experience products. Our team suggests optimal product options and delivers an end-to-end deployment roadmap.


Whether you are looking for an SAP Customer Experience solution from scratch or additional ecommerce capabilities for your running SAP app, Itransition will modify the out-of-the-box functionality and customize accelerators and cockpits to fit your business needs.


Itransition applies the JMS integration framework and develops SOAP/RESTful connectors for bidirectional data exchange between SAP Customer Experience, third-party web services, and corporate systems. We implement both synchronous and asynchronous integration.


To ensure your SAP Customer Experience-based solution runs well and addresses your current business needs, we offer remote monitoring, incident management, custom extensions and improvements, continuous integration and delivery.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Our SAP Commerce Cloud expertise allows us to create tailored ecommerce experiences and implement solutions leveraging the latest SAP technologies and integration features.

  • All-in-one ecommerce solution providing many features out of the box with minimal customization needed
  • Flexible content management including simplified, customizable features
  • Seamless integration with third-party services to build in more B2B and B2C capabilities
  • Scalability for effectively dealing with traffic spikes

Commerce cycle transformation

Itransition helps retailers and manufacturers implement tailored solutions based on the SAP Customer Experience suite, covering the entire range of B2B/B2C sales and fulfillment needs.

From customer engagement to supply chain automation and commerce analytics, we provide end-to-end technological support along the transformational journey.


With SAP Customer Experience, we reinforce your customer-facing operations with customer experience personalization through contextual digital merchandising, flexible pickup and order fulfillment options for all channels, as well as self-service portals, help desks, and call centers for customer care.

Back office

Itransition improves your behind-the-scenes workflows and product lifecycle management. We implement automated billing to handle order-to-cash and revenue sharing ops, customize cockpits, and enable consolidated recording of data in various formats across disparate software.


We supplement the discovery and visualization tools embedded into SAP Customer Experience with custom extensions to help you gain insights into your customers’ real-time sentiment and behavior, so you can drive context-specific engagement with your data-backed decisions.

Connected customer

SAP Customer Experience builds upon the concept of the omnichannel customer, providing APIs for integrating digital and physical touchpoints across web, mobile, PoS, kiosks, and social media channels.

With these tools, Itransition implements RESTful services to sync every web, mobile, or physical channel with up-to-date information on products, inventory, logistics, taxes, orders, promotional offers, and customers.

Emerging touchpointsRESTful commerce API

Customer engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement through advanced navigation, facilitated promotions delivery, and additional integration scenarios.


Content and offers personalization using real-time insights into your customers’ behavior, helping address their needs better and more timely.

Order management

Efficient order management with complete stock visibility, allowing your customers to place orders and make returns anytime, anywhere.


Itransition develops SAP Customer Experience solutions that comply with the regulations of security standards, including PCI DSS, PA-DSS, and OWASP.

In order to make your commerce application GDPR-compliant, Itransition utilizes consent and user data management, logging, data storage, and data disposal capabilities offered by SAP Customer Experience. We implement application jobs for flagging and deleting contacts, capturing marketing permissions and subscriptions, as well as for automated checking of permission, subscription, and communication limits before sending out emails.

Technology expertise


Our cloud development expertise allows us to deploy SAP Customer Experience solutions to the cloud, thus providing you with the flexibility to run any promotions and scale up to reach your transaction goals while sustaining the highest traffic peaks during campaigns.


Since Itransition’s foundation, Java has been our core technological expertise. Our team employs Spring and ZK frameworks for SAP Customer Experience backend development


Itransition utilizes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript libraries including Angular JS, JUnit and others, to customize and configure frontend parts of SAP Customer Experience-based solutions.

Team augmentation

Itransition provides team augmentation services to staff your projects with Java engineers specializing in SAP Customer Experience. You will run a multi-step selection of experts who will become a natural extension of your SAP Customer Experience team, with Itransition managing the quality of delivery.

Development flow