Unified Corporate Knowledge Base

Itransition delivered solution that serves as a single access point to Customer references, case studies of the completed projects and collateral marketing materials for an established full-cycle software development company.



An established full-cycle software development company needed a solution that would serve as a single access point to Customer references, case studies of the completed projects and collateral marketing materials. There were several reasons that led the marketing department of the Customer’s company to requesting the development of a new solution:

  • Need for a structured portfolio: since our Customer is a service company, it was of crucial importance for them to have a neatly organized portfolio of the projects they have accomplished to demonstrate the company’s technology expertise and domain knowledge to potential Customers.
  • Substantial sales management workforce: the amount of employees inevitably grows as the company business goes up. Newly hired sales managers would have all the necessary educational and marketing at hand.
  • Absence of automated update process: one of the project goals was to develop a solution that would not only serve as easily accessible and convenient document storage but also provide the service departments of the company with relevant materials and automate their update.


Having discussed their needs with the Customer, Itransition specialists offered SharePoint portal development. Office365 solution was chosen as the best fit because it allows effective cooperation for corporate groups; it is scalable, user-friendly, and easily customized in accordance with the Customer’s specific business needs and corporate brand book rules; it provides an opportunity for remote access and is integrated with the internal elements of business operation (for instance, Active Directory) used by the company on a daily basis.

The portal users go through user authentication and use the materials stored in the solution in line with their rights:

  • Sales and project managers can view and download the documents;
  • Project managers can change the statuses of reference contacts;
  • Marketing specialists can view, download, upload and edit the materials.

Case Studies & Collateral Materials

The developed solution serves as a full-cycle document processing system. It contains all the necessary materials that support the company’s daily business development operations. The documents are regularly revised and updated by the marketing department, and all the users can see the date of the latest document version.

All the materials are stored in folders according to the categories they fall into (case studies, technology expertise presentations, domain knowledge presentations, one-pagers, etc.). The documents stored in the solution can be searched for by entering key words or utilizing filters.


The Portfolio part of the solution contains screenshots of the products developed by the Customer’s company that serve as supporting materials for the sales cycle. It is integrated with Dropbox where the high-resolution images are stored.

The users of the developed system can search for the screenshots of certain projects by entering key words or implementing filters (to search for the information by Customer company name, solutions types, technologies, or verticals).

Customer References

As a company providing full-cycle software development services worldwide, our Customer has established great connections with their clients who are willing to confirm the quality of their work to new or potential clients. With that in mind, one of the project goals was to create and maintain an up-to-date Customer reference base integrated with the solution while automating the reference validating process.

The portal automates the following business processes:

  • Sending the account managers emails with reminders to update the reference status;
  • Updating the statuses of contacts for reference.

Once in 3 months all account managers receive a notification letter from the marketing department with a request to confirm the relevance of the references assigned to them. The letters contain the following information on references:

  • Contact Person Name;
  • Customer Company Name;
  • Link to a Case Study;
  • Current Reference Contact Status;
  • Change Contact Status to Active, Inactive or Dead.

After receiving the notification letter, an account manager either leaves the reference status with no updates or changes the status to one of the possible options. The solution allows changing status right from the letter by clicking the links that it contains. Once you click the link, the relevant status is changed to:

  • Active — the reference contact information is up-to-date; one can contact the person for reference;
  • Inactive — the contact is currently unavailable for reference;
  • Dead — the contact information of the reference is no longer valid.

All users can view the Customer Reference data that is stored in the solution: contact person name, Customer company name and the industry they work in, contact person’s position within the company, contact details, the account manager that certain contact is assigned to, additional information about the contact person, a link to a case study of the project that was implemented, and contact status.

There is also an opportunity to search for certain reference contacts by means of a filter (by Customer company name, solution provided to the client or vertical the client operates in).

At the moment, SharePoint Portal development is successfully implemented and utilized. Automating the process of relevant marketing materials update and reference contacts validation has made everyday tasks of employees in concern easy and convenient, adding to the overall success of our Customer’s business development operations.