Surveillance Video Streaming

Itransition team developed platform that allows security personnel to connect to the networks of surveillance cameras installed, view live streaming worth zero downtime, record the shooting and save content as video files on PCs.



This project was for a company based in the United States of America that serves law enforcement market globally supplying wearable video cameras with supporting management software.

Our customer intended to launch an additional product, which was a surveillance system combining area observation via a set of video cameras, backed up with software that intelligently managed the camera network. The cameras were sourced from a Asian manufacturer, with whom our customer formed a partnership. Now all they needed was a video streaming app development partner. Based on previous collaboration with Itransition that was very successful, they approached us again to develop the application.


The supporting software application was required to relay streamed video in real-time directly to any security personnel on duty, such as security guards or watchmen, who could then act on any security breach identified by surveillance cameras. Itransition delivered a web-portal written mainly in Python and based on a Django framework. A key feature, apart from real-time recording and live streaming, was a sophisticated access management component, maximizing security as per the customer's requirements.

Live Streaming

In addition to the real-time streaming, security personnel have the ability to edit and save video clips. The streamed video is stored in a database for retrieval and review. Where required, the end-user can store camera shooting it locally as a separate video file for further references.

Access Management

The Customer required a robust access management system where the administrator could grant access at an individual level to one or more specific cameras. The access management module plugs into the video file management and the video streaming software integrated into the web portal.


As a result of this video streaming app development project, the Customer could launch an innovative product for real-time surveillance video streaming and management. Access to the output from these cameras is strictly controlled via the management module. Itransition ensured that all the client's requirements were met, so that the final product was both viable and marketable.