Surveilance Video Streaming

  • Advanced platform for live streaming from the networks of the installed surveillance cameras
  • Real-time video recording into a scalable database
  • Strict access management for high security of the video data


Our Customer is a USA-based company, providing wearable video cameras with the accompanying management software for the worldwide law enforcement market.

The company planned to supplement the list of the offered products with a video surveillance system comprising a set of cameras for area observation and smart software for camera network management. Having established partnership with a Taiwanese camera manufacturer, the Customer was looking for a reliable IT vendor to entrust with the development of the product’s software part. Considering the prior experience of collaboration with Itransition, they selected us for the project development.


Itransition delivered a Jango-based web application enabling watchmen, guards and other security personnel to receive video streaming directly from a network of the installed security LE4G cameras. The portal provides for the following functionality.

Live Streaming

The LE4G cameras are connected to a single server through the in-built Wi-Fi module. The portal enables end users to connect to the cameras’ view in the real time without any loading delays. The business logic was implemented with the use of Python and C++ best practices. To make the solution responsive, scalable and fast, our team employed NginX technology for video load balancing.

Real-time Video Recording

Along with on-line viewing, the portal allows for recording and watching the recent shooting that is stored in the scalable database. Moreover, end users are enabled to retrieve camera shooting, saving it as a video file on the computer.

Access Management

High information security was one of the most crucial requirements articulated by the Customer. To provide for security, our team laid special emphasis on the access rights management module. The portal is integrated with the software for video file management which is bundled in a set with cameras. Once filled with the user data of this or that company, the software provides the portal with the authorized users’ credentials and indication numbers of cameras available for them.


Thanks to the web portal delivered by Itransition the companies are enabled to view seamless video streaming from the surveillance cameras installed. With the access management module, they can easily put restrictions on the employees’ access to the cameras’ view, providing for high security of the video information. The solution was developed in full compliance with the requirements to the Customer’s immense satisfaction.


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