SharePoint ECM implementation for a credit bureau

SharePoint ECM implementation for a credit bureau

Itransition delivered a custom SharePoint ECM solution to help a large credit bureau streamline their content and data management workflows.

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Our customer is a large credit bureau that manages the most comprehensive database of credit histories and contracts in its region. By processing data from numerous providers, the customer delivers predictive analytics to financial organizations and banks, helping them understand credit users better, minimize credit risks, and build reliable relationships with clients.

The number of organizations providing and requesting credit data from our customer was growing constantly, and so were the formats of this data. Creditors, lenders, debt collection agencies, and courts delivered credit information as both paper-based and electronic, all in different formats.

As a result, the bureau employees had to spend much time to sort the content manually, unify its format, and upload it to the centralized database. These content workflows were unstructured and time-consuming, which substantially slowed down business.

To address the existing challenges, the customer decided to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) system to manage all credit-related content more efficiently.

The customer’s key requirements for this project were:

  • To reduce the amount of paperwork
  • To automate content management workflows
  • To ensure the future system’s compliance with the local data retention and processing regulations

The customer preferred to use Microsoft technologies so they selected Microsoft SharePoint as their ECM platform. Well-versed in SharePoint consulting and development, Itransition joined the project to turn the out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality into a custom content management powerhouse.


SharePoint consulting and business analysis

At the early stage of the SharePoint ECM implementation, Itransition’s SharePoint experts collaborated with the customer to document the requirements in detail and choose the optimal deployment model for the solution.

From the requirements, it became clear that a basic document management solution wouldn’t work for the customer. The future solution had to be a customized ECM system and feature records management, business process management, and team collaboration within a centralized corporate intranet.

After finalizing the business analysis stage and considering the budget limitations for the SharePoint ECM implementation, Itransition offered to go for the SharePoint Online Plan 2 edition.

By selecting the cloud-based SharePoint version, the customer was able to meet several critical requirements:

  1. Low deployment cost thanks to the subscription payment model.
  2. Moderate customization effort thanks to the pre-built web parts that come with the default user-friendly interface of SharePoint Online and SharePoint pages and sites.
  3. Ability to manage mobile content out of the box thanks to the readily available SharePoint Online mobile app.

ECM customization

The implemented solution represents a SharePoint-based portal with fine-tuned sites and libraries for content management. Itransition’s team built over 20 content management workflows to automate content processing. These workflows included the ones based off the out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows as well as custom ones created from scratch in SharePoint Designer.

Owing to its clear library-like content structure, the SharePoint ECM solution ensures easy content search, storage and archiving. All newly uploaded documents appear on the SharePoint team site homepage so that all team members see the updates. When a user uploads a document marked as important, all team members get an automatic email notification.

Itransition’s team integrated the solution with KnowledgeLake Capture for scanning documents and forwarding them in a unified format directly to a SharePoint library for subsequent classification and distribution. This integration also enabled the customer’s employees to quickly convert image scans into editable text.

The SharePoint solution is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Thanks to this, all business emails are automatically copied to dedicated SharePoint libraries for indexing, search, and secure storage.

We introduced unified content metadata about each uploaded document and mad it easy to find information no matter how many folders a SharePoint library contains.

To ensure high-level protection of sensitive data found in documents, Itransition’s SharePoint developers configured user permissions in line with the roles defined in the customer’s corporate policies.

This way, several SharePoint libraries and folders with sensitive data can only be accessed by a limited number of users.

Additionally, we set up retention labels and data loss prevention (DLP) policies to restrict sharing of confidential content and prevent sensitive data leaks caused by human factors.

The delivered solution also includes typical features of a SharePoint intranet, such as:

  • A homepage with the latest corporate news and announcements
  • A media gallery with corporate images and videos
  • A folder with HR document templates open to all employees
  • Quick links to internal resources and systems
  • Employees’ birthdays
  • Feedback forms for sharing feedback on the intranet performance and suggest improvements to the corporate life

SharePoint training

To ensure successful adoption of the new SharePoint ECM solution and its painless management by the customer’s internal technical team, Itransition carried out SharePoint training sessions for four groups of users:

  • Data managers—users who work with incoming and outgoing content and data.
  • Data supervisors—privileged users who can access all SharePoint sites and libraries, including the ones with sensitive data.
  • SharePoint administrators—privileged users who manage the SharePoint ECM solution.
  • Intranet users—all the employees, including those who don’t participate in content management workflows.


The solution was successfully rolled out and integrated into the customer’s business processes. Making effective use of the out-of-the-box SharePoint Online capabilities, Itransition’s team managed to deploy the ready-to-use ECM system within four weeks. The post-deployment fine-tuning and SharePoint training were carried out within the next two weeks.

Our team got positive feedback about the SharePoint ECM solution after several months of the system’s active use. The users highlighted several important business benefits brought in by the solution:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Faster content and data processing thanks to the automated workflows
  • Fast search through all the credit bureau’s data, which significantly reduced the time needed for credit scoring
  • Secure storage and management of sensitive records in compliance with the local and international regulations