Resource Management Tool

Development of an easily managed rich visual planning tool that would optimize the business content management processes



A Switzerland-based independent software vendor specializing in Microsoft technologies approached Itransition requesting development of a web-based collaborative visually rich planning tool that would benefit both the customer and its clients in optimizing their business content management processes, while providing richer level of interactivity for such daily routine as project planning and resource utilization.

Itransition assigned a dedicated team of experienced developers to work with the customer in-house IT team and come up with a rich web application. The key objective was to extend out-of-the-box capabilities inherent in Microsoft SharePoint, underlying the tool, by adding advanced presentation abilities through implementation of Microsoft Silverlight framework.


The end visual resource planning tool provides for the following functional capabilities:

  • Resource scheduling;
  • Resource groups management;
  • Assigning available resources to specific tasks;
  • Process planning and task dependencies management.

The extended visual plug-in features allow for:

  • Project schedule visualization with Gantt-like charts;
  • Prompt and easily managed presentation of the data stored;
  • Easy items drag-n-drop capability;
  • Easily customizable chart layout;
  • Intuitive timeline-based navigation;
  • Zooming options.

The developed visual resource planning tool combines easy-to-use functionality with consistent data presentation capabilities, which enable efficient management of multiple resources, while delivering engaging user experience.

The customer was genuinely impressed with Itransition’s development skills, as well as grasp of the Microsoft technologies, and continues collaborating with the company on realizing additional ideas and concepts for the tool.


As a software vendor possessing solid IT background the customer had a clear vision of all the requirements the solution was designed to meet. The Itransition team relied on a detailed specification in implementing the solution in line with customer’s expectations.

The project was developed utilizing an Agile development methodology — Scrum — with weekly sprints complemented with compensatory QA activities to ensure each deliverable’s quality. As a result, the team managed to quickly create the tool prototype to be able to verify software functionality early in the process and prepare it for final tweaks developing end-product features.