Payment gateway and affiliate system

Payment gateway and affiliate system

The concept of the project was to help developers and sellers of electronic product, as well as non-electronic product vendors sell and promote their goods, using Web services as a payment gateway.

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The concept of the project was to help developers and sellers of electronic products (e. g., e-books, software, etc.), as well as non-electronic product vendors sell and promote their goods, using Web services (as a payment gateway). Itransition was contracted by Click2Sell to deliver a payment system provider application.

The major part of the project was to create a payment gateway system that could process credit cards, Paypal, Stormpay, Google Checkout and other payment options. The second part was to build an affiliate system, so that affiliates could promote products from our marketplace and get commission fees from sales they made.

The project idea was to combine best features of, and to create a full range of merchant account services with an advanced promotion system and tracking methods – all statistic and product conversion tracking, advanced reports, universal payment system, etc.


System Highlights

Marketplace Module allows users to view and search the product catalog for offered goods, services and software. They can also buy a product using a simple checkout process.

Customer Support Module gives possibility for users to get necessary information about the application use in user guides, FAQ section, public forum and “contact us” form. Registered users can use internal help desk to report about found bugs or problems in application usage.

Administration Module includes user management, product categories management, reporting module, held desk module and application settings.

Merchant Module provides functionality for merchant activities, i.e. product management, affiliates management, payments, reports (including keyword reports from popular search engines). Affiliate Module provides functionality for affiliate activities, i.e. promotional campaigns management and promotional campaign reports.

Payment System is a universal payment engine, intended to support various acquirer accounts for payment processing. It initially includes support for WorldPay, Paypal, Google Checkout, and Stormpay.

Site Promotion System enables registered users to promote the application by referring new members to register into the system. The referrer receives commission fees after the referred user starts selling/ promoting products.

Product Promotion System allows members to promote products using uniquely generated links and promotional tools (banners, email letters, buttons, etc.). The affiliate gets commissions from the merchant from every successful sale.


Click2Sell application is a web-based J2EE application that uses MySQL database server (and has the potential ability to support other types of relational databases). The application runs under Linux family server with Apache Tomcat.

The major challenge was to create a unique competitive system which could join various payment methods and be easy-to-use for application customers. The goal was to increase the system efficiency and to avoid confusing the end user with the number of features in system functionality. The project’s objective was to create a system that would be easy-to-use for merchants, affiliates and buyers. Our goal was to simplify the user interface and provide various methods of payment, adding to the overall application efficiency. To meet the customer’s objectives, first we analyzed how similar systems, databases and sites operate.

Second, based on the customer requirements and Itransition’s experience in delivering fintech software solutions, we developed an effective development strategy. We evaluated the web application from the end user’s point of view (merchant, affiliate, buyer, and administrator) and created a system following recommendations of Click2Sell.

The resulting system increased customer satisfaction because of the easy-to-use and efficient system functionality, user-friendly GUI, accuracy, reliability and adherence to quality standards.

From its implementation (beta testing), the solution was a complete success and was greatly appreciated by Click2Sell. The implementation generated a lot of new ideas about additional features.