Online patent handling tool for IP litigation

Online patent handling tool for IP litigation

For a US-based technology service provider specializing in IP management solutions Itransition delivers a web-enabled application for patent paralegals.

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Pursuing to cover every aspect of patent portfolio management, nXn Tech came up with an idea of a web-enabled document management system (DMS) that patent prosecution paralegals could benefit when managing infringement in complex patent cases. The system, named Patriot, was to be integrated with the existing Customer’s patent analysis platform and ensure speedy processing of thousands of patent records.

nXn Tech had already successfully engaged Itransition in delivery of a number of solutions empowering patent holders to profitably grow the value of their assets. Drawing on the outcomes of this cooperation, nXn Tech invited Itransition to provide DMS consulting and development.


Comprehensive Tool for Handling Patent Claims

The developed solution provides a collaborative environment where patent data and evidence is handled to discover patent infringement. The system automates generation of claim charts in order to determine any overlaps between the elements of patent claims and the patent/product in question.

The ultimate goal the system users pursue is generation of portfolio infringement reports in the .doc format for submission to court.

The report generation process embraces:

  • splitting the text of a patent into elements with markers and changing their places;
  • creating global (applicable to all patents) and local (applicable within one pattern group) evidence templates;
  • attaching color pictures to reports to show the accused infringing products;
  • editing reports online with subsequent export to the .doc format.
Portfolio infringement report

The system also enables to monitor completeness of data entry and report the progress of assertion preparation.

Used by about 50 paralegals handling patent litigation cases, Patriot enables to streamline patent prosecution operations and save significant amount of time through automating manual tasks and providing the tools required for quality data processing.

The system user interface, stability and swiftness of operation make it highly efficient and easy to use.
The company currently utilizing Patriot along with their other proprietary patent monetization tools and patent evaluation techniques — IP Navigation Group — has been renowned worldwide for the number of successfully won patent litigation cases.

nXn Tech continues to collaborate with Itransition on implementation of other IP-focused software solutions.


Technical Implementation

The solution is developed using Ruby on Rails web framework. A combination of JavaScript and HTML/DHTML techniques was used in web interface development to minimize data interchange with the server and avoid whole page reloads. The patent data is stored in MySQL database to be retrieved and manipulated using the Active Record database access library.

Patriot is integrated via REST APIs with:

  • IPNav Analyzer — a comprehensive patent search and analysis tool;
  • Apache OpenOffice — an open source software suite used to handle generation of reports and their export to the .doc format.

Project Team

Itransition’s delivery team comprised:

  • a business analyst involved to perform requirements analysis, clarification and formalization and come up with the system specification;
  • web designers working out the website design, layout and navigation structure;
  • Ruby developers creating the web-based application based on Ruby on Rails framework;
  • customer support team carrying out system maintenance and technical support upon project completion.

Besides, Itransition’s specialists performed functionality testing to ensure the outlined features perform as intended and correspond to the users’ expectations.