Partner portal support for Xerox

Partner portal support for Xerox

Providing the support and maintenance services for Xerox Partner Portal that offers Global Partner Program information, marketing and sales resources, as well as training tools.

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Our Customer is a regional representative of Xerox, a world-class corporation that supplies office equipment and expendable materials to organizations of all kinds. The company network unites thousands of resellers and their clients regionally and provides their collaboration with the head office.

The Customer has a global partner portal offering product information as well as marketing and sales resources, from training documents to price lists for thousands of users. Currently there are around 10 GB of documents in the system. Since this solution is of crucial importance for automating the workflows and improving productivity, it has to function flawlessly, without fail. In order to provide for it, the Customer needed a professional team of support and maintenance specialists. Considering the Customer has previously worked with Itransition on the development part of the project and was fully satisfied with the results, our support engineers were a clear choice.


Itransition specialists perform the support and maintenance of the existing platform fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Keeping the environment healthy
  • Monitoring system setup
  • Database profiling and optimization
  • Server and software changes delivery
  • Migration to the new hosting
  • Backup and recovery system development and implementation

As far as database profiling is concerned, Itransition specialists analyzed the work performed by the Customer’s database and optimized the queries. One of the issues solved as the project started was optimization of slow SQL queries. We performed utility setup and adjusting, database setup for stats gathering and slow queries search, as well as gathering database performance statistics for the development team to improve the solution.

Our support engineers performed the migration to the new hosting on the ActiveCloud platform to meet the following objectives:

  • Employ the hosting services that comply with the regional legislation
  • Get access to hypervisor, the lowest level of the hosting platform, in order to take server snapshots for the following backup storage. This way the environment can be easily restored on another hosting in case the current hosting platform goes down
  • Utilize a more advanced hosting platform (more resources for the same price)

The backup and recovery system implemented by Itransition recovers data from the backup files in case the system goes down, or a server/ region/ service provider is unavailable. This way the Customer’s data provided for company partners is secured against loss.

In order to control the server availability and track KPI we employ Zabbix software.

Tracked Parameters Monitored Server KPI

% of Partner Portal application availability via internet (https protocol)

The Partner Portal application average reaction time via internet (https protocol)

% of Partner Portal application availability when entering as a test user

The Partner Portal application average reaction time when entering as a test user

% of server availability (ICMP

High system load

Lack of free memory

Lack of free disk space on partition/ boot/ production

SWAP capacity

Number of running processes

SSH server is down

WEB (HTTP) server is down

Data storage system and network interface activity


During the first year of the project run, our support and maintenance engineers performed the changes delivery, and worked closely with the development team (performing the database profiling, log analysis, detecting the core reasons of errors in the testing environment). Then the main work on the development side of the project was completed, and the portal was handed over to the support and maintenance specialists to take care of. Currently the support team performs monthly checklists (reviewing the services availability manually) and works on the Customer’s requests (e.g. certificate installation, environment cloning, etc.).


Our team includes 2 support and maintenance engineers. The communication process with the Customer is organized by means of email (as the main source of communication), Skype (to solve the issues together with the development team, notify on the delivery status) and JIRA capabilities (to track the status of the issues).

In the beginning, the communication process with the Customer was flowing actively as we had to agree on the backup and recovery implementation, discuss the application delivery on the production, etc. However, during the last 2 years the support engineers managed to minimize the amount of discussions as the development part of the project was over. Currently we perform the requested tasks several times a month and send the reports on the application status.