Complex Engine for Easy Online Ordering

Complex Engine for Easy Online Ordering

  • Robust, scalable technological platform
  • Integration with point-of-sales, web services, kiosk, SMS and payment gateways
  • Advanced security of online payments


IT Problem Solver (ITPS), , a technology innovator in information management and business automation, teamed up with Itransition to build online ordering software for restaurant and hospitality clients who wish to cater for tech-savvy gourmands ordering meals online.

Our Client wanted the application to process transactions in a quick and secure way at the same time being easy to manage. They also expected that the application would have a single application program interface for transferring payment information between the website and the POS system.


Smarter Takeout™,, delivered by Itransition is a complex engine for online takeout operations and order management with a simple and intuitive layout.

Smarter Takeout helps any restaurant business start rendering an advanced service and build a custom websites from scratch in less than 1 hour. Smarter Takeout engine provides automated order and payment processing, seamless both-way integration with the restaurant’s Point-of-Sale system and website, as well as kiosk integration. All together, it takes restaurants to a completely new level of client care and allows growing sales while cutting operational costs on in-house service.

Development Story

IT Problem Solver approached Itransition with a project concept and clear vision of how the system should work. After several meetings we established timelines for analysis and development stages to meet the release deadlines.

When the solution was integrated with the POS and APK, integration testing was performed to wipe off all the issues before the release. Each subsequent milestone was accompanied by a demo and refinements from ITPS.

System Highlights

  • POS, Kiosk, and payment gateway integration
  • Enjoyable user experience, including high-end graphics and order history
  • Multiple locations support
  • Comprehensive reports across all restaurant locations
  • Order statistics monitoring and processing
  • Integration with Google™ Maps

Technical Overview

The solution is a web-based .NET application, which supports a flexible access control mechanism (i. e. control of particular objects, such as menu items, pages, products etc).

Robust technological platform

  • Microsoft ASP.NET framework
  • Windows services/scheduled tasks support for automated routines
  • No client-side components/add-ons are required for the website’s front-end
  • Advanced data caching to provide optimal performance

Ultimate scalability and integration facilities

  • POS integration (HSI, iSilva, MS ePOS)
  • Kiosk integration (IBM Anyplace Kiosk)
  • Payment gateway integration (VeriSign PayFlow, PAGO, Wirecard, Authorize.NET, PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, ProtX, WorldPay, HSBS, Barclay Business, NetBanx, Secpay, SecureHosting, Betalings Gateway, PayFuse, Direct Debits)
  • E-fax provider integration
  • SMS gateway integration (Clickatell, Email2SMS, direct integration with mobile providers)
  • Data exchange facilities (two-way POS integration, QuickBooks)

Advanced security

  • SSL certificate
  • Anti spam-bot features
  • Website event log
  • Permanent development maintenance
  • Fax failover

Business Benefits

  • Better staff performance. With the full automation of the ordering and payment processes, the number of employees needed for taking orders is reduced significantly.
  • Increased customer volume. Customers greatly appreciate the convenience of online ordering. Additionally, with automated services, restaurants can serve more customers than before.
  • Increased average orders. Customers who order online usually tend to buy more per order because they don’t feel rushed while purchasing, as often occurs at restaurants with a lot of people in a queue.
  • Minimized risk of mistakes. The application sends orders directly from the customer’s computer to the POS which guarantees order intake accuracy and eliminates human errors on all phases of the processes.
  • Quick delivery. The system considerably reduces the time spent on order fulfillment. It plays an important role in improving the restaurant’s image, engaging loyal customers and attracting new ones.


Smarter Takeout ™ is a flexible, portable, and scalable application, which was developed and delivered on time and on budget meeting all client’s needs. Itransition used its technology and domain expertise to deliver a system that increases the average order price and order volume with fewer employees by sending online Takeout orders directly to POS software. This eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, leading to better staff performance, improved customer experience, and generally increased check averages by 15-40%.

By providing seamless integration with a POS system, the application leads to a smooth order confirmation process. When a customer completes an online order, it gets sent to the restaurant and then confirmed by the system. All data is kept visible and up-to-date; and the restaurant staff is secured from costly mistakes.

By integrating with the compact touch screen IBM AnyPlace Kiosk (APK), designed to deliver compelling self-service at any location, Smarter TAKEOUT allows restaurants to increase the average transaction value and to improve the speed of service.

It provides enjoyable user experience, including high end graphics, smooth order placement, and practical order history. The system builds comprehensive reports across all restaurant locations, monitors and processes order statistics.



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