One-Stop Online Solution for Wedding Planning and Preparation

One-Stop Online Solution for Wedding Planning and Preparation

Weddix GmbH secures its market-leading position owing to the feature-rich, top-notch quality web portal solution delivered by Itransition

One-Stop Online Solution for Wedding Planning and Preparation

  • Two high-scalability web portals managed from a single admin interface
  • A comprehensive suite of services and features provided to portal users
  • Integration of spatial search capabilities


Is having a hassle-free wedding at all possible? That was the question Thoralf Mann, the future founder of Weddix GmbH, once asked, having got through the turmoil of the wedding ceremony preparation himself. The solution turned out to be not just feasible for would be marrieds, but also increasingly profit-boosting for the owner and CEO of Weddix GmbH.

Thoralf Mann approached Itransition with the ingenious idea of developing a single online platform for managing all issues arising around the wedding ceremony planning and preparation. The web portal was designed to provide an array of opportunities for end users spanning from online selection and ordering of wedding accessories to learning the latest wedding trends and services on offer.


The Itransition team was tasked with development of a web portal meeting the criteria of top-notch quality, high productivity and high search engine ranking.

To craft a rich-functionality E- commerce portal, online shop builder Web66 capabilities were leveraged, the development effort encompassing E-commerce components development and ORM solution implementation from scratch. Every single feature of the solution was thoroughly worked upon and implemented to provide a rich-functionality tool for business managers while ensuring intuitive navigation and seamless experience for end users.

The idea of developing a one-stop online store is not innovative by itself. The web portal owes its profitability and success with end users to detection of an unoccupied market niche, as well as to impeccable technical implementation. Later on, Weddix GmbH approached Itransition asking to supplement with a satellite web portal, focused around notebooks, cards and presents this time –

Front End Functionality

The portal users are offered a comprehensive suite of services and features. Front end functionality includes:

  • Reference sections: nowadays finding the relevant information may pose a greater challenge than finding the necessary product. visitors are provided with detailed information on any possible aspect of wedding preparation ranging from reception and ceremony venues to the latest bridal fashion trends;
  • eCommerce module: portal users place orders, add items to their shopping carts and make payments using credit cards or online payment accounts;
  • Social network capabilities: a customer feedback functionality is implemented. Jforum, an efficient forum engine, was utilized for integrating forum capabilities and generating heavy (up to 600 forum entries per month) community involvement;
  • Spatial search is a combination of Apache Lucene – a full-featured text search engine library – with Google Maps resulting in the most accurate searching for the nearest locations;
  • etc.

Back End Functionality

The .NET based thick client used by system administrators enables to manage the two web portals from a single admin interface. The portal back end functionality includes a number of modules:

  • Content management: the keyboard accessible and markup generated XStandard WYSIWYG editor was utilized to provide business managers with a rich-functionality content management tool;
  • Administration features include user management and permission management;
  • eCommerce module: the solution is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is used for stocking products and order processing;
  • Report generation: integration with List&Label report generator enables to enhance the .NET thick application with all types of evaluations to drill into various aspects of online shops’ performance;
  • Marketing module includes sending newsletters, organizing contests, etc. Furthermore, new advanced marketing tools are being introduced and implemented on a regular basis;
  • etc.


For years after the implementation and have secured the leading positions in their market segments, the number of unique portal visitors reaching 300 000 per month, the amount of orders generated exceeding 6 000 per month. Owing to the system flexibility, productivity and reliability, the solution delivered has proved capable of yielding a high ROI and driving competitive advantage for Weddix GbmH.

Up to now, Itransition .NET consultants carry on ensuring high system performance and availability. New marketing tools keep being introduced and implemented without delay, to the Customer’s immense satisfaction.



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