Online recruitment platform

Online recruitment platform

Itransition developed a SaaS recruitment platform for employers, recruiters, and job seekers, to automate candidate screening and reduce hiring costs.

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Our customer is an Australian recruitment services provider. They decided to launch a nationwide online pay-as-you-go platform that would provide employers and recruiters with hiring automation and support.

The ambitious goal was to enable companies to cut their recruiting costs compared to traditional recruitment by charging recruiters per hour, with no need to maintain in-house recruiting teams. The cloud-based architecture would also allow corporate users to cut down costs associated with maintaining their own candidate tracking applications, instead providing an on-demand access to an extensive database of candidate profiles.

The company turned to Itransition for this innovative solution, relying on our expertise in custom software development and cloud computing.


The platform developed by Itransition brings together all the three parties involved in the recruitment process:

  • Businesses in search of new talents
  • Expert recruiters managing candidate profiles
  • Job seekers

This SaaS solution comprises a set of tools for the end-to-end management of the recruiting process, including candidate profiling, screening, shortlisting and selection.

Role distribution

The platform supports three types of user accounts—candidates, recruiters, and employers—with respective sets of features for each.

Candidates fill out and submit their profiles, take psychometric and skill tests, and pass video interviews. Test results, video interview recordings, and communication logs become part of the candidate’s profile and can be reused in the future.

Recruiters publish their profiles so that employers could browse and pick up their preferred professionals based on available information. Recruiters can collect and organize candidate profiles, continuously improving and expanding their candidate database. The online platform also provides tools for recruiters to tag, comment on and share relevant candidate profiles with employers, organize interviews, and track their communication with candidates.

Employers are free to browse and select specific recruiters they want to cooperate with or post an open position that immediately becomes visible to multiple recruiters. When selecting the most suitable recruiter, an employer can compare recruiters’ prices, performance statistics, previous experience, ratings, and feedback from other clients. At the candidate selection stage, employers review the profiles pre-screened by recruiters depending on the stipulated job requirements, set up qualification tests and interviews, share feedback, and hire successful candidates.

Role distribution

On-the-fly video interviews and media storage

One of the platform’s key features is on-the-fly video interview recording. It was introduced to simulate the first interview and simplify pre-screening for recruiters, who don’t have to be present during the interview but can then securely share video recordings with the employers.

The video interview workflow looks as follows:

  1. The recruiter identifies the candidate for pre-screening and enters relevant interview questions into the system in advance.
  2. The system invites the chosen candidate to pass the online interview using a webcam.
  3. When the candidate is ready to start, the recruiter’s questions pop up on the screen. The candidate responds to them in real time.
  4. The system tags and transfers the recorded video with answers to the built-in media repository.
  5. Authorized users (recruiters and employers) can watch the recorded interview at their convenience.

To implement this workflow, Itransition designed a custom scalable system for media processing and storage. Built into the SaaS platform, it enables metadata management and distribution of media content such as audio and video.

Online assessment

An integral part of the hiring process, online tests are offered to candidates after their video interviews in order to assess their competencies, cultural fit and cognitive abilities, including learning potential as well as numerical, abstract, and verbal reasoning.

Tests can be supplied both by recruiters and employers themselves to maximize their relevancy to open positions. Taken by pre-selected candidates in real time, they become the basis for data-based candidate assessment, with the results shared with the recruiters and employers.

Time tracking, reporting, and billing

Itransition’s team implemented an activity log module for recruiters to track their time spent on each particular project and bill employers accordingly. The module enables time tracking, performance monitoring, and reporting, with the possibility to export reports as PDF or Excel files for their easy exchange with employers.

Based on the hours tracked, the system automatically generates invoices on either a project-by-project or monthly basis.


In the course of the project, the team implemented a combination of more than 10 Java frameworks and components to build a functionally rich and reliable custom cloud-based platform. The implementation of Java Enterprise Edition, Oracle GlassFish Server was chosen as an application server to host the solution.

Java was chosen as a foundational technology to assure high performance and scalability, which was further reinforced with the use of independent components instead of monolithic modules.

When working on the platform’s usability, Itransition started by developing user journeys, which were then applied during user interface design to create clean layouts for content and data presentation.

Security was ensured with additional restricting API calls for different user roles. The other tools and technologies used in the project included HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for UI development, Gmail and Apache James Mailet APIs for email communication, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) for business logic creation, and MongoDB and MySQL for data storage.

Online recruitment platform architecture


The online recruiting platform was successfully launched after 18 months of cooperation between Itransition and the Australian recruitment company. Providing on-demand access to recruitment services for employers from around the country, this cloud-based product automates candidate screening and this way saves a considerable portion of time typically spent on finding the perfect fit for open positions.

Since the platform launch, Itransition’s team has been looking after this solution, implementing new features and enhancing the existing ones based on the users’ feedback.