Online e-Discovery Solution for Patent Cases

Online e-Discovery Solution for Patent Cases

Online e-Discovery Solution for Patent Cases

Online e-Discovery Solution for Patent Cases

  • Comprehensive web-based patent review tool suite
  • Heavy volume data processing (up to 250 000 documents per patent case)
  • Support of multiple document formats


Patent litigation discovery is probably the most expensive and labor-consuming part of a patent case requiring a coordinated team of paralegals to review thousands of electronic documents. To address the pressing need for costs and process complexity reduction, nXn Tech requested development of a comprehensive web-based e-discovery automation tool to employ in patent litigation cases.

nXn Tech is a technology service provider assisting companies in data analysis. The company had previously partnered with Itransition on a patent-centered project. Based on the results of this cooperation, as well as on Itransition’s diversified portfolio of developed web applications and acquired domain knowledge, nXn Tech entrusted our company with delivery of the current project.


Project Delivery

Within extremely tight timeframes the Itransition team was tasked with:

  • on-site requirements clarification and analysis
  • application design and development
  • integration with the services developed by the Customer’s US-based team
  • functionality and acceptance testing

Open source Ruby on Rails web development framework and MVC-based architecture were leveraged to deliver a robust database-driven system, with MySQL database underlying the solution.

Integration with Oracle AutoVue provided a web-based capability to handle documents of multiple formats, including .doc, .pdf, .ppt, etc.

Versatile Tool for E-discovery

The solution enables to upload and index up to 250 000 documents per patent case. The system provides:

  • efficient workload distribution among paralegals within each Review Session (as per the number of documents and pages reviewed);
  • document clustering and categorization;
  • document redaction and watermarking;
  • advanced search capabilities;
  • user access rights management, etc.

The reviewed documents are further exported either for submission to court or to be handled to the other party.

The system users are:

  • System Administrators uploading documents, managing user roles and permissions;
  • Paralegals redacting and tagging documents with watermarks;
  • Senior Attorneys assigning tasks to paralegals and supervising their work; viewing, searching and exporting reviewed documents.


Through acquiring understanding of the specifics inherent in patent litigation, Itransition implemented a flawlessly performing solution enabling to:

  • streamline e-discovery for patent cases;
  • efficiently manage workload distribution;
  • decrease a significant portion of patent litigation costs.

nXn Tech carries on cooperating with Itransition on other domain-specific projects.



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