Online casino platform support

Online casino platform support

Heavily loaded online casino platform support and maintenance, environment setup automating and team work optimization.

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Our Customer is a cutting-edge US based company producing Facebook games. To improve their success on the market, they wanted to launch a number of new applications and chose Itransition as a trusted vendor to perform the task. Our specialists provided the Customer with a wide range of social games as well as a robust software platform to manage every aspect of the applications functioning, from the tech support to user data processing and billing.

The Customer was fully satisfied with the results of cooperation and soon turned to Itransition with another project: to design and develop a game streaming system for social slot games (online casino). Previously, the games were ported from traditional casino or land-based games to a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, the web, and Facebook, which was costly as it required substantial resources. The platform developed by Itransition processes around 10 thousand API requests per second (HTTP/HTTPS) and is scalable to accommodate a minimum of 30 thousand concurrent users.

Since the scope of work was quite wide and required a large team to work on the project, it was necessary to optimize the teamwork and automate the processes of environment setup and maintenance. That is why it was decided to involve Itransition support and maintenance engineers in working on the project.


Environment Setup Automation

Developing the tools for provisioning and orchestration of servers’ configuration

Automatically activating a virtual environment for the developers as they perform their tasks

Configuration Management Implementation

Implementing the approach of establishing and maintaining consistency of the platform’s performance according to the requirements

Local Testing Scripts Automation

Supporting the platform for continuous integration

Integrating automated unit tests into deployment processes

Automatically running test cases that are time consuming, critical for the platform’s functioning and executed repeatedly

Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery

Deploying the applications across the environments used in the development process to ensure more efficient, reliable, and predictable deployments

Making sure the new features, configuration changes, and bug fixes are quickly and reliably transferred into production

The solution is integrated with such external systems as Facebook, Google Play Market, App Store. The main monitoring tools employed are Consul and NewRelic.

The Customer is fully satisfied with the results of cooperation with Itransition. The project is currently in its active phase, and the Customer is planning to continue working with our support and maintenance team in the future.

Server configuration time dropped 2.5 times

Testing time dropped 5 times

Software quality improved by 57%

Deploying process speeded up 3 times