Network resource management system

Network resource management system

life:) automates its data-driven operations centered around mobile network resource management with a high scalability web-based solution delivered by Itransition.

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life:) is the third largest mobile operator in Belarus settled to reinforce its positions on the local market. The business needs as articulated by the company were:

  • to provide life:) employees with fast, permission-based access to the integrated data on mobile network infrastructure maintenance and data change history;
  • to provide life:) managers with report generation and KPI management capabilities;
  • to enable working from the portal interface with site coordinates mapped using MapInfo software.

A vital requirement to the solution was architecture extensibility, as the Customer envisioned further solution enhancements and modifications.


The solution was designed for the workers of a number of life:) mobile network departments:

  • Network planning department;
  • Mobile network optimization department;
  • External operations department;
  • Contractual relations department.

The functionality delivered to system users provides the ability:

  • to read, create, update, delete, search, filter, sort and print data on site maintenance and construction, permissions and conclusions by legal authorities, etc.;
  • to request data from other databases and related applications: MapInfo, base transreceiver stations (BTS) monitoring applications and KPI sources;
  • to generate reports of different kinds;
  • to draw up and manage documents and rental agreements.

Integration with MapInfo system provides an opportunity to carry out accurate coordinates mapping between the database and the MapInfo system, supplementing the latter with data.


The functionality delivered to system administrators:

  • User management: the solution supports a role-based access to functionality and information, at the same time enabling assignment of privileges for using particular system sections/functions;
  • Ensuring data safety and telecom security;
  • Advanced user management using Active Directory.

Technical Implementation by Itransition

Itransition proposed using ASP.NET as the project technology due to the following factors:

  • suitability for enterprise-level applications development;
  • flexibility to deal with Microsoft SQL Server, which was intended for the database layer implementation.

The scope of work performed by Itransition within the technical solution implementation included:

  • Database design and data migration from multiple client’s Access databases and Excel files into a single Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Development of a web portal fully compliant with life:) brand book.
  • BI implementation for reporting and KPI management.
  • Data synchronization and database integration with a number of third-party systems.
Technical Implementation

The resource management system developed and deployed by Itransition is widely used by life:) employees in their day-to-day operations.

By centralizing, formalizing and integrating data on mobile network maintenance and the related company’s contractual obligations, life:) managed to provide its employees with a role-based access to relevant information, significantly streamlining its business processes and increasing data reliability.

Having assessed the business value driven by the solution and the overall increase in services quality level that followed, the Customer intends to eventually enhance the scope of the solution’s capabilities.


The project management was based on Scrum methodology with XP practices and “fixed price for sprint” approach.

The Product Owner on the Customer’s side actively participated in all sprint planning meetings. The Customer received status reports on a regular basis and had access to the project tracking systems at Itransition (like JIRA, Wiki and User stories). Upon completion of each sprint the new system version was deployed to Customer’s environment for demonstration and stakeholder feedback.

Currently, life:) carries on partnering with Itransition on a number of other projects.