Network monitoring and management system

Network monitoring and management system

Unmatched connectivity capabilities: 500+ network devices including switches, routers, UPS, multiplexers, temperature sensors, relay stations, VoIP and NERA. Simultaneous real-time monitoring of over 7,500 services.

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Our customer — one of Russia’s oil field developers — required a versatile, reliable and flexible network management solution which would be able to monitor its network infrastructure.

Given the growing complexity of the customer’s facilities, their proprietary network management systems were failing to meet productivity expectations due to their limited connectivity and poor monitoring capabilities of third-party equipment. By that time, Itransition had already had extensive expertise in developing comprehensive network management systems including those delivered to largest mobile carriers in Eastern Europe. Given a proven track record of custom app development and successful NMS products as well as our previous fruitful cooperation on a set of projects, the customer turned to Itransition as a trusted vendor capable of coping with this challenge.


The delivery of the solution was obscured by the complexity of the customer’s network which comprised diverse devices that utilized various communication protocols. Moreover, constant changes introduced by the customer to its network infrastructure entailed multiple amendments to project requirements, urging the need to promptly adjust solution functionality. Consequently, Itransition’s team maintained steady communication with the customer including weekly status meetings and business trips to customer’s site to ensure timely coordination and moderation.


The delivered solution represents an automated network monitoring and management system which allows the customer to exercise control over 500+ network devices including switches, routers, UPS, multiplexers, temperature sensors, relay stations, PBX, VoIP and transmission systems. The platform provides oil field developer with a unified management interface which displays network devices on the map, monitors their status, shows respective statistics, generates graphs and reports and sends event-triggered notifications to users.


The solution is based on the modular architecture and comprises the following elements:

  • Ingraph module which presents graphs and charts for preselected device parameters and allows users to view device status and messages;
  • Visualization module which displays network devices on both geographical and logical maps;
  • Settings module which allows to customize user access and modify system settings;
  • Notification console which enables users to receive information when specific system events occur;
  • Live Values component which provides for an ability to monitor selected device parameters in real time.

The platform automates the following activities:

  • Collecting and displaying information on various network devices within a single UI;
  • Notifying engineers of device-related events and scheduling notifications based on their shifts;
  • Displaying statistical information and generating reports;
  • Monitoring equipment viability.

User roles

Functionality of the delivered network management system varies depending on different user roles as to provide maintenance engineers only with the tools relevant for their tasks:

  • System administrators are granted full access to the system.
  • Users are able to view and edit mapping settings and tabular display of statistical information about network devices.

Additionally, the system permits to set up customized rules for each user, i.e. grant or restrict access to certain modules/elements.

Unmatched connectivity capabilities

Itransition delivered a comprehensive solution with unmatched connectivity capabilities that allows to manage various network devices including switches, routers, UPS, multiplexers, temperature sensors, relay stations, PBX, VoIP and transmission systems.

Altogether, the solution monitors over 7500 services in real-time, including network interface loads, device temperatures, remaining battery charges, device voltages, power signal levels, etc. Each service is assigned lower and higher threshold values which trigger configurable event alarms sent either through SMS and email, or locally through program notifications and audio alerts. This feature provides for automated notification of engineers on device failures or related risks, such as overheating or voltage shortage/overload as to ensure the operational efficiency and safety of the infrastructure.

Comprehensive reports and live monitoring

The system enables users to generate customized reports and maintains respective records for up to two years. This functionality is provided by an embedded reporting server which gathers device data and allows to compile comprehensive device properties report. This server operates as customer’s central information hub by delivering mission-critical information in a variety of formats.

Comprehensive reports and live monitoring



The solution is based on Icinga, an enterprise grade open source monitoring system which keeps watch over networks and any conceivable network resource, notifies the users of errors and recoveries and generates performance data for reporting.

Reporting module is based on JasperServer, a powerful, yet flexible and lightweight reporting server that offers web-based reporting and analytic tools. Visualization module is built on NagVis, a comprehensive visualization addon for Icinga, the network management component utilized in the solution, and inGraph, an enhanced performance Nagios and Icinga addon for graph generation.