Mobile order processing solution

Mobile order processing solution

A versatile mobile tool for order processing automation and embraces a set of instruments for order entry, management and monitoring.

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The customer — one of the world's leading steel and mining companies and a prominent international supplier of lead products in the B2B marketplace — aimed at refining their existing iPhone/iPad application which automated the management of clients’ orders.


The customer had a mobile solution which lacked fine performance and proper integration with the corporate database. The previous vendor failed to produce a sophisticated and fully operating system. The legacy solution contained significant code inefficiencies which resulted in frequent crashes.

Thus, the customer’s business goal was to reduce the expenses related to the maintenance and support by addressing its technical problems. With this in mind the customer turned to Itransition as a company with a proven track record of architecture optimization, code refactoring, and mobile application development.


The application represents a versatile mobile tool for order processing automation and embraces a set of instruments for order entry, management and monitoring. The enhanced solution is an iOS application that shifts the placement and subsequent acceptance of orders online, shows due invoices, facilitates order status tracking, provides for an ability to lodge quality claims with the company and more.

The functionality of the leveraged application differs depending on user roles so that employees and clients access only the tools and data, which are relevant to their objectives and activities:

  • Clients place orders by accessing either the company’s catalogue or previous order history, monitor order progress, check due invoices, lodge quality claims with relevant photos attached and track their consideration status.
  • Managers receive clients’ orders and claims, track and process them and view client information.
  • Technical support staff receives quality claims and views respective orders, as well as initiates appropriate action in respect to delivery flaws.
The enhanced solution

Itransition’s dedicated team managed to enhance the legacy solution in the absence of any technical documentation that supplemented it to the customer’s immense satisfaction. The dedicated team achieved remarkable results in optimization of the application’s performance and enhancement of its stability, thus, reducing system support costs borne by the customer.

The implemented functionality and increased system productivity assured a smooth workflow for end users, thereby enhancing their experience and resulting in a more competitive stance of the customer in the market. Our cooperation is still in progress as additional functionality and features are being introduced to fully achieve all business objectives.


Project rescue

The customer’s expectations were highly ambitious: the Itransition’s dedicated team had to stabilize and optimize a highly complex application in short time and in the absence of any technical documentation supplementing the legacy code. The Itransition team coped with the task to the customer’s immense satisfaction by offering:

  • Strong and diverse technology competency supported by mature knowledge management;
  • A proactive approach to the implementation of the project including timely communication with the customer which ensured smooth knowledge transfer;
  • High development elasticity providing for better results in shorter times.