Mobile bank app support

Mobile bank app support

Itransition provided customer and technical support: request processing, real-time issue tracking and fixing, user support, consulting and maintenance of work processes.

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The customer is a US IT and Software Development company that develops applications for different banks, while Itransition supports these solutions during the whole lifecycle of the application. The applications, developed for various financial institutions, are used both by bank employees and customers during promotional events and campaigns.

This case study is focused on one of such solutions, an iPad application, used by bank employees during events and bank promotions where Itransition provided software maintenance services to end users on emerging issues in the workplace.


The supported product is a commercial bank application, installed locally on the iPads of employees of one of the customer’s financial institution clients. The application was used only during large promotional bank events with thousands of participants. End users were able to navigate the event, interact with key speakers and participants, leave feedback on the event and play a game estimating home renovation budgets and bank loans.


Itransition’s сustomer support was necessary to meet the strict requirements imposed on user experience, ensure stable operation during the whole lifecycle of the application used at events with a wide user base, and provide issue tracking and fixing in real time.

The application was in early release stages when Itransition started providing Level 1 support. The team received no direct instructions from the customer, only access to the application. Itransition’s team was given a month before the application was released to the end customers, analyzed it and created instruction documentation.

Itransition developed a feedback form, so that end users could submit requests through it, or contact the support team via phone. All requests were analyzed, classified and resolved by Itransition’s team with the help of a primary request processing module. Issue clarification was done via phone calls and email.

Itransition’s activities to fix issues or provide workaround included consultations on the app functionality and suggesting options for fixing device and connectivity issues.

Itransition not only provided the client with updates on the status of incidents resolution, but also created a knowledge database for future reference. To analyze the problems, Level 3 support team’s services were offered, the main focus of which was problem analysis. As a result of successful issue resolution, the customer was satisfied with the service, and came back to Itransition with a new project.



The team worked according to a time & materials contract model which also included some additional pre-approved out-of-pocket costs.

The team consisted of 6 Level 1 customer support experts and a project manager. The Level 3 customer support specialist provided support and maintenance services when technical issues arose.

The solution was supported at the levels of request processing and new functionality. Itransition was the only team supporting the project. The client and the team communicated via phone and email.


The main challenge of the project was that the application was installed locally, and it was difficult for the support team to get a real picture of what was happening, and determine at what level the incidents had occurred, at the application level or the environment of the bank itself.

In the process of work there were difficulties with the speed of the application (due to a built-in browser, leading to a website with quite heavy content). There was no access to the server on which the website was deployed and no way to either track the problem from the support side or optimize the page itself. Despite the fact that according to the SLA Itransition was to provide only Level 1 support, since the issue had to be fixed by the development team, the Level 3 support team analyzed and successfully resolved it.

Request example

At a certain point of the project the application started crashing by timeout and the end user was not directed from the application to the browser. Itransition team analyzed the issue and discovered that the main problem was in the application environment, which was resolved by the customer’s Level 3 support team and Itransition’s Level 3 expert working together to fix it.