Load testing for a web banking portal

Load testing for a web banking portal

Itransition provides load testing for an internet banking solution to ensure high performance and better end user experience

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Our customer is an established bank institution providing financial services for individuals and legal entities. The customer had a web solution that offered remote servicing (payments, money transfers, bank statements, etc.). As this solution no longer fulfilled the corporate needs, the customer decided to migrate to a new web portal with enhanced user experience. Before the new system implementation, it was of crucial importance to make sure it was capable of working with the required load.

Itransition QA and testing engineers demonstrated solid expertise in working with banking solutions as well as providing performance testing. Therefore, the customer chose our team to perform the task.


Activities Breakdown

Challenge Solution Results

Creating system load supply on the basis of the application’s business logic to check its stability and performance

Emulating real system users

Detecting maximum number of concurrent users

Strategy for test runs

Customized test scenarios with various virtual user (VUser) distribution in each case

Stress testing: increasing the served load to its peak value

Ensured solution quality and performance in line with specific Customer demands

Reduced total cost of ownership

Performance issues elimination at early stages

Faster response time

System’s availability and stable performance during peak loads

Evaluating system behavior under everyday load during a prolonged period of time

Load testing

System’s confirmed readiness to cope with expected load everyday

Ensured positive user experience

Evaluating system flexibility

Splash testing

Guaranteed performance during a load increase and return to normal functioning after the load drops

Environment Scheme


Number of VUsers emulated


Test Cases Executed


Critical Issues Eliminated


Deadline and Budget Compliance



The focus of the project was to find out the possible limitations of the new solution as far as the number of concurrent users and amount of transactions per hour were concerned. Itransition QA engineers analyzed all the specifics of the customer’s web solution, developed test scenarios, and performed the tests taking into account its complexity.

We worked with Linux, Java, Oracle DB, and HP Loadrunner.

The following parameters were checked during the testing process:

  1. time of response to a query;
  2. total number of active VUsers;
  3. number of HTTP errors;
  4. number of transactions per second;
  5. number of HTTP responses per second;
  6. system resources (CPU, RAM, IO, Network, Processes).