24/7 IT assets support

24/7 IT assets support

Full cycle L1 and L2 support for a Knowledge and Information Economy business.

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Our customer, Informa, is an established business operating in the field of knowledge and information. They provides products and services based on content, intelligence and connections to specialist communities worldwide ranging from event organization to business intelligence consulting. Having a wide array of services on offer, Informa manages about 250 websites with more than 25 000 subscribers. The company’s web assets can be categorized by the types of services offered to end users as follows:

  • Agricultural intelligence
  • Health and pharmaceuticals
  • Maritime and law
  • Finance
  • Telecoms, media and technology

These digital assets required professional maintenance and support in order to ensure better end user experience, and the company was in need of a technology partner to take care of that. Itransition support specialists demonstrated solid expertise in technology as well as industry knowledge and were chosen to provide Informa and their end users with 24/7 L1 and L2 support.


Itransition support and maintenance engineers deliver the following services:

  • 24/7 processing of all incoming user requests (email, Slack, phone)
  • 24/7 initial handling of monitoring systems alerts (filtering fake alerts, confirming real ones, registering them in the ticket tracking system, and escalating them if needed)
  • Providing a dedicated telephone line with a customized reply from the customer’s client service for all incoming calls (phone numbers in 5 different countries)
  • Communicating with 3rd party service providers on incident processing, requesting timely updates and escalating to the customer’s representatives if needed
  • Full-featured incident status reporting to the stakeholders (regular and on demand)

Percentage of resolved incidents increased by 25%

Percentage of incidents incorrectly assigned and categorized reduced from 67% to 3%

Client satisfaction at issue resolution increased from 67% to 94%


L1 support specialists get emails from the monitoring systems (Pingdom, 24*7 site, Neustar, Database monitoring) and check the availability of indicated resources. In case one of Informa’s web assets does not reply or loads for a long period of time, Itransition engineers perform a full cycle of incident processing the following way:

  1. Creating a ticket in the Customer’s system
  2. Reaching out to the 3rd party service provider and request updates on incident resolution
  3. Mailing the parties in interest about the resource being unavailable
  4. Closing the ticket after the incident has been resolved; indicating the reason of a web asset being unavailable and the way the problem has been eliminated
  5. Mailing the parties in interest about incident resolution
Informa support cycle

Itransition team includes a L1 support engineer, a L2 support engineer, and a project manager working as an extension of the customer’s in-house team. The team allocates 70-80 hours of work per month. 

The work is performed according to specific instructions approved by the customer. The project manager monitors the correctness of provided services and presents detailed reports to the customer monthly and upon request.

With our help, more incidents are solved, which leads to enhanced end user experience and reduced costs of IT support in general (as less incidents now require escalating to a more expensive L3 support).