Prezent iPad Portfolio

Prezent iPad Portfolio

Prezent iPad Portfolio

  • Multimedia iPad portfolio presentation application with dynamic still and video content combining opportunities
  • Flexible portfolio creation tools open up a plethora of opportunities to create striking customized portfolios


With over 10 years of shooting pictures under his belt and such renowned names in his portfolio as Rolling Stone Magazine, Sony, President Barack Obama, Britney Spears, and many more, Jeff Sciortino knows the value of good portfolio presentation.

The photographer got an idea of an application that visual artists could use to showcase their works. The application was designed to create customized portfolios dynamically combining still and motion content.

On the recommendation of one of our customers Jeff turned to Itransition for technical realization of his idea.


iOS was selected as the target application platform due to its popularity with visual arts professionals. Jeff Sciortino’s iPad portfolio presentation app, codenamed Prezent, allows users to:

  • create and manage several user portfolios tailored to specific customers
  • manage user photos and videos within one portfolio
  • send custom e-mails directly from the application to share selected portfolio items

The principal killer feature, as outlined by the customer, is finger curling, which ensures maintaining the feel and integrity of a classic page turning portfolio. Videos play automatically upon page turn, adding to portfolio’s consistency. Artists are enabled to support their message by linking to additional content, while all portfolios can be linked to the artist’s website.

Technology Overview

The application was built using iOS frameworks – AVFoundation, MediaPlayer, CoreVideo and CoreData, with TestFlight API implemented for remote login. Initially, photos and videos were stored on Amazon server, but later on such architecture was abandoned.

In the course of development Itransition resolved a number of issues hindering flawless application behavior, such as: memory leaks, blinks issue, poor video management and version- and device-specific issues.


Itransition demonstrated extensive proficiency in iOS development, delivering the application strictly in line with the customer’s requirements and preferences. As of now, the second, final version of the application has been released, which is available on the App Store (


Prezent, created by photographer Jeff Sciortino, is one of the best multimedia portfolio presentation apps for the iPad I’ve tried, letting you showcase both the nifty still and video work you captured with your HD-shooting digital SLR.



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