Interactive Training Portal for Philips Dynalite

Interactive Training Portal for Philips Dynalite

Interactive Training Portal for Philips Dynalite

  • Training portal with online examination and certification capabilities
  • Robust OpenCMS with core extensions and re-used modules
  • Look-and-feel consistency with Philips customer-facing websites


Philips Dynalite – a division of Philips – is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of lighting control solutions with numerous sales and support offices located around the globe. Dedicated to ensuring high quality customer service, the company pays close attention to professional development of its sales and technical personnel.

An eager adopter of practical and pragmatic approach to learning, Philips Dynalite turned to Itransition for delivery of a comprehensive training portal to enable company’s stuff to achieve the required competency level. The portal was designed to serve as information and education area with online examination and certification capabilities.


By the time Philips Dynalite recognized the need for a training portal, Itransition’s team has already delivered a custom CMS with a portal on top of it for another division of Philips – Philips Pronto. It was decided to use the same open source technology – OpenCMS – for the current project as it enabled to re-use the existing CMS modules where possible, thus, reducing drastically the development effort.

Besides, accrued hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of OpenCMS technology enabled Itransition’s experts to make use of OpenCMS source code distribution: standard OpenCMS functionality was complemented with custom core extensions.

JavaServer Pages templates were used to ensure the portal uniform layout and create interactive web forms and pages editable with WYSIWYG editor.

Robust Training Platform

The solution developed is instrumental in laying a solid foundation for successful professional careers at Philips Dynalite. Upon registration portal users are enabled to:

  • attend webinars and watch video lectures (taking several courses at a time, if needed)
  • download training materials and upload files for peer-to-peer experience sharing and networking
  • navigate through the calendar of available courses and sort them by subject and by country
  • take exams with fixed time limit
  • get certified and receive printed certificates, view one’s current certification status and navigate through certification steps

The portal also offers news, articles and events sections. It was designed to ensure ultimate look-and-feel consistency with Philips customer-facing website and sleek user interface.

Back-office Functionality

The system back-office functionality provides system administrators with:

  • flexible administration of career paths, exams, certificates and training schedules
  • publishing news and populating the website with content
  • sending notifications on upcoming events


Following all requirements to the education portal set by our Customer, Itransition’s team came up with a highly scalable solution built on top of a robust custom-tailored CMS. Philips Dynalite was genuinely satisfied with the on-time, on-budget approach adopted at Itransition.



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