Insurance workflow management system

Insurance workflow management system

Itransition enhanced insurance workflows management system by implementing advanced automation features, including calculations, reporting, customization and more

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Our customer is an insurance company based in the US, serving thousands of enterprise clients and independent insurance agents across a variety of industries and business domains. Seeking for an efficient way to optimize their clients’ existing workflows and business processes, insurance payment calculation in particular, the company developed a custom automation solution in-house. With the basic functionality only, the system wasn’t able to address Customer’s requirements at fullest, so they turned to Itransition with a request to enhance and upgrade the existing solution, and thus provide the broadest range of capabilities to their clientele.


Functional Highlights

Itransition specialists made a significant contribution to the system enhancement, having implemented a wide set of advanced tools for automation of insurance companies’ workflows. Some of the system’s new functional features include: 

  • Сustomizable workflows. The visual programming language the system allows insurance companies to set up their proprietary calculating algorithms and get necessary insurance payment calculations with ease. Having calculated the necessary payments, users are able to forward the received data to their executive management team for approval. 
  • Advanced form builder. The implemented form builder tool provides flexibility in creating data forms, enabling each company to build and customize forms according to specific business requirements and needs. 
  • Complex calculations. Supporting advanced calculation algorithms, the solution is able to handle calculations of literaly any kind of insurance fee, commission, etc. 
  • Sophisticated reports. The system provides the opportunity to generate detailed statistics reports on the calculations received. 
  • PDF document generation. With its in-built web-based visual template editor, the solution allows to flexibly customize invoice, report and other types of templates and later on convert them into PDF files. 

With the enhancements Itransition team introduced, the solution enables complete automation of payment calculating routine. Comprising advanced processing and calculating tools, it allows insurance companies to set up their own, custom calculating algorithms and calculate automatically any kind of fee as per their specific requirements. As for now, Itransition keeps on partnering with the Client, continuously working on further project development, enhancement and support.


Technology Overview

The solution is a PHP-based application with MySQL database at the back-end. Its front-end part was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as YUI library, which allowed to deliver an intuitive and interactive, yet simple user interface. To facilitate the separation of presentation from application logic Smarty template engine was employed. Having integrated the system with JasperReports reporting engine, our engineers enabled the solution’s reporting feature, whilst ImageMagic tool provided for the ability of PDR file generation.

Since the solution was to deal with huge amounts of payment data, building a robust system’s architecture that would support backup and recovery was vital. Itransition specialists implemented a complex data backup mechanism, whereby the data was replicated on the server at first, and only then the backup process started. It allowed securing the data from any loss or damage, insuring the overall system reliability. 

Continuous Enhancement

Apart from custom software development from scratch, Itransition professionals were closely engaged into maintenance, enhancement and support of the system. During the course of the project, our team performed database optimization, having introduced, for instance, specific logging algorithms for archiving on the go. All this together significantly speeded up page loading time, resulting in overall performance improvement.