Mobile information center

Mobile information center

For a world’s leading provider of specialized payment products & services, Itransition developed a mobile application that serves a personal information area for corporate fuel cardholders.

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Our Customer is a leading global provider of specialized payment products and services, including fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discount cards and other. To support fuel allowance programs for corporates, the Customer launched a mobile application providing cardholders with information on their cards’ status, optimal refueling and vehicle maintenance. To enhance the existing app with new functional features, they selected Itransition – a reliable web and mobile development company, they had already collaborated with in earlier projects.


Applying hands-on experience of iOS and Android development, Itransition delivered an advanced application that serves a one-stop information center for fleet cardholders. Entering a personal cabinet, end users receive up-to-date data on their fleet cards’ balance, accessible limits, the nearest gas stations, fuel prices and vehicle maintenance services offered by them.

Designed for the needs of corporate drivers, the solution enables them to:

  • Stay informed of the accessible money, limits, bonuses, discounts and all business related fuel expenses throughout the transactions history;
  • Look through the map to find the nearest gas stations with the related information – service offerings, working hours, price per gallon etc. The map contains data on 11 000+ gas stations;
  • Sort out points of service by various criteria including brands, gasoline, diesel and other fuels’ types, presence of parking, car washing, tire shop, café etc;
  • Build optimal routes to gas stations both in the city and in the suburbs, by means of the implemented cartographic service.

Itransition developed a smart mobile application assisting the corporate fleet cardholders in their vehicle maintenance procedures. Currently used by 12 000+ people, the solution has won wide recognition and is being enhanced dynamically. The Customer was pleased to obtain the solution up to the time, budget and business requirements and plans to collaborate with Itransition in further projects.

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Itransition was responsible for the UI design and custom app development on the grounds of the mockups and API provided by the Customer. Having examined the business requirements and Customer’s design preferences, we redesigned the UI, according to the universal guidelines the Android operational system, which made the app easy for drivers to use on the way. As long as the API had been implemented by another vendor, our team studied it prior to development and, thereafter, implemented an MVC client-server application, capable to stand simultaneous activity of several thousands of corporate clients.

During the project, we kept seamless communication with the Customer on the regular basis via skype and mail correspondence, making the project flow transparent and consistent. Despite the Customer decided to test the solution with his own resources, our team assured high quality of the application during the development, to minimize future efforts of the Customer’s QA team. Thanks to the functional testing and code reviews performed by our developers, we delivered the application without any major defects.