Document Management System For A Telecom Company

Itransition implemented a SharePoint 2010 based DMS solution focusing on facilitating and automating document-related operations and creating a scalable base for further extensions.



The customer is one of the largest telecom operators in Belarus providing a full spectrum of GSM and 3G services. The company’s customer base increased manyfold within a two year period, so our client faced a number of information management scalability issues.

Dealing with drastically increased number of documents and thousands new customer cases monthly the company needed to optimize its document management system and accelerate document-related workflows. The key DMS implementation goals were the following:

  • Implement seamless document capturing and well-structured electronic repository to prevent document loss;
  • Accelerate document search and accessibility;
  • Automate document routing;
  • Apply document life cycle policies;
  • Provide document-centric collaboration tools.


Itransition implemented a SharePoint based DMS solution focusing on facilitating and automating document-related operations and creating a scalable base for further extensions.

The solution key functionality includes:

  • Instant document scanning. The system features paper document capturing module which instantly scans, recognizes and indexes paper documents and stores them in the electronic repository.
  • Auto-copy mechanism copies document versions to a specified library depending on the customizable business rules. This mechanism is developed as a WSS feature and can be activated on any site.
  • Employee data aggregation module collects data from different sites through WSS cross-site queries and displays it in a custom format. Its advanced configuration capabilities include multi-level grouping, sorting of groups and items inside groups, filtering, individual items coloring, etc.
  • Email integration. All the business-related e-mail messages are automatically copied into special libraries where they are indexed, queried and stored according to well-defined rules.
  • Custom trimming of search results. The enterprise-through SharePoint-based search is configured to make certain data available only to limited groups of users.
  • This important security element helps careful handling of confidential information contained in corporate documents


Thanks to the pre-project 2-month technology consulting phase, in-depth business process analysis and focused domain/technology expertise Itransition succeeded to satisfy customer needs and accomplish all the objectives of DMS implementation. The new DMS became an integral part of enterprise information environment and excellent platform for further strategic development – the customer has already launched one more SharePoint based project with Itransition.