Centralized debt collection software

Centralized debt collection software

A leading telecommunications company turns to Itransition with a request to develop an application that would automate processing a large amount of subscribers’ debts and payments.

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Our Customer, a Turkcell group company, Life:), started a successful marketing campaign that led to gadgetry sales growth. Open commitments resulted in a rising number of debts, so the Customer needed a solution to process the debt collection effectively.

There are several hundred employees from different departments responsible for processing the debtors’ data within the Customer’s company. They used to work with a shared Excel document to handle debt collection. The company required a solution to process daily updated information on about 100000 debtors and their payments, which is why working with a shared document was no longer viable.

It was decided to replace the Excel file with a web application building it from scratch and migrating the history data. Itransition has already cooperated with the Customer successfully in the past and won the tender once again.


Having scrutinized the initial requirements, Itransition specialists interviewed the end users, studied the documentation and learned the Customer's company business rules to specify and meet their needs.

Life:) DebtCollection is a web application that automates processing the information on the company’s clients (subscribers) who have outstanding debts defined by contract obligations. The application is integrated with the Customer’s billing system and exchanges data with national systems of bank payments and mail services.

Rich Functionality

The application helps automate the following business processes:

  • Detecting debtors timely and commencing work on debt collection;
  • Creating debtor lists;
  • Preparing documentation, filling in subscribers’ data, registering documents and getting them ready to be printed out;
  • Sharing documents with the option of tracking the changes made by system users;
  • Writing reports based on the latest information updates;
  • Exchanging the actual information between the Customer and the company’s partners.

The system has the following modules:

  • Information depiction in a certain form for display, editing and entering. Contains lists with filters and search options;
  • Document management for document sharing according to the established business processes;
  • Document formation to be printed according to the pattern and its filling documentation with subscriber data;
  • Full text search;
  • Building reports.

The application is integrated with the outer systems:

  • Billing system that contains the actual information about subscribers’ obligations, debts and latest payments;
  • eArchive that stores subscribers’ existing contract data;
  • eSystem that registers and keeps track of the outgoing mail;
  • Single Payment Information Space with the information on current subscriber debts and penalties;
  • Mail Service for transferring data to prepare, print out and send the debt claims to subscribers.



Itransition’s cross-functional team was contracted to estimate, design, develop and support the application:

  • 1 business analyst (clarifying, structuring and documenting requirements, working with mockups);
  • 5 .NET developers (creating the application);
  • 2 testing engineers (writing and updating test cases and plans, running tests, collecting and reporting data on bugs);
  • 1 project manager (planning the project milestones, reviewing their fulfilment, reporting to the Customer).

Itransition’s specialists were involved in analysis and requirements specification, custom application development, integration and testing.

The communication process involved daily phone calls and emailing, information exchange through the Atlassian JIRA and Confluence systems, office meetings to clarify every single detail of the requirements and development process.

At the moment, the application is being taken care of by Itransition’s maintenance and support specialists and the development process is continuing, for the system to march in step with the changing business requirements.