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Our Customer, AlignPM, Inc., is a knowledge and process management consulting agency specializing in solutions designed to enable awareness and action. They came up with an idea of launching an innovative personal knowledge management solution — my-Know — that would provide the end users with an opportunity to work with their personal data (organize, store, manage, etc.) safely and easily.

The new product is a Cloud solution built in Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 was chosen as a platform for the future system due to its indisputable advantages, such as:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • access on any device
  • data storage scalability
  • information safety
  • ease of use
  • access to the latest Microsoft Office Online apps

The solution is based on a custom SharePoint template that was set up and modified by our Customer. However, in order to be successful on the market, it needed considerable enhancement: automating payment process for new clients, developing a workflow to automate the process of creating new user and populate user data, etc. These changes would make the solution easier in terms of implementation and maintenance as well as provide better user experience in general.

Since the solution enhancement required certain programming skills, the Customer decided to entrust the project to Itransition SharePoint specialists due to their “attitude, offered methodology and satisfaction of business needs”.


The Customer’s Office 365 tenant required developing a workflow automation process that would perform the following:

  • Accept automated regular subscription payments and one time setup fee through integration with Authorize.Net payment processing platform
  • Create new user accounts in the Customer’s tenant and populate user data provided by the user registration form
  • Verify new user names and email addresses
  • Create SharePoint Site Collections using the my-Know SharePoint template
  • Assign new users to the created Site Collections
  • Send automated welcome emails to new users

The Customer offers their clients an Office 365 knowledge management solution that allows storing personal data, accessing a community of users for education purposes (learning and sharing), as well as enjoying some business class services (Outlook email client, Skype for Business, Microsoft Office Online, etc.). The solution has the following user roles:

  • End users who store their personal data, edit and add content to the sites created for their accounts
  • Administrator who manages all end user data

New clients use the payment form developed by Itransition and integrated into the Customer’s website to subscribe for a monthly or yearly plan and choose the license type (E1 for my-Know with Office 365 online tools, E3 for my-Know with Office 365 online and desktop suite). This means the end users pay for their subscription and then our Customer provides them with the product and takes care of all the license aspects.

Itransition SharePoint team developed a custom workflow that automates the process of creating new accounts and processing payments. The solution can now automatically create new Office 365 user accounts and new sites for them to store their personal data (notes, ideas, photos, documents, etc.) with 5 GB of data per user. The amount of personal data stored within the solution by the users is scalable according to their preferences.

The solution also has a mobile version which allows using it on the go. Itransition team performed the modification of the standard SharePoint look in order to provide the consumers with better user experience (for instance, changing the standard icons, hiding unused SharePoint controls).

Development Process

Our team has worked out the communication process to suite the Customer’s needs; we used Skype and phone calls, emails, online demos, etc., to keep the Customer updated on the project flow and discuss occurring questions.

Itransition SharePoint specialists used a new office365 Graph API to create new Office 365 users within the Customer’s tenant. As far as the solution architecture is concerned, the developed workflow and payment forms are hosted on Microsoft Azure which has access to platform for payments, and then uses Office 365 via Graph API to create new sites. It was initially planned to perform a simple integration with with manual recurring billing option and payment form. However, it would mean that the clients would have to use the payment form on the Customer’s website every time they had to pay the fee according to their subscription plan. In order to make this process easier for the end users, it was decided to automate recurring billing transactions by creating Microsoft Azure-hosted payment forms and using Authorize.Net ARB API: this way the money would be automatically transferred from the client’s bank account every month / year.

To ensure the solution’s high quality, Itransition allocated 2 Quality Assurance engineers to work on the project. They performed functional testing of the workflow, cross browser testing, testing the template created by the workflow on different devices. As a result, several minor defects were found and eliminated, and the solution quality was estimated as high.

Here is what our Customer says:

Thank you for all you have done this far. We appreciate you very much. We have had a really good experience working with you.

Russell K. Larrabee
President at Align PM, Inc.


Having collaborated with Itransition SharePoint team, the Customer got an enhanced, fully functioning solution ready to hit the market. The worked performed by our specialists during the project adds the high quality, stability, and better user experience to the new solution.



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