Custom Office 365 Tenant Workflow

Custom Office 365 tenant workflow development. Business process automation for a new solution on the market.



Our client, AlignPM Inc, consults in knowledge and process management. They specialize in solutions that propagate awareness and promote information-based action. Their new knowledge management product, my-Know, would enable users to organize, store and manage their personal information easily and securely.

This solution would be based on Microsoft Office 365 and sit in the Cloud. Office 365 was chosen as a platform for the future system due to its indisputable advantages, such as:

  • 99.99% uptime;
  • access on any device;
  • data storage scalability;
  • information safety;
  • ease of use;
  • access to the latest Microsoft Office Online apps.


Our client had set up and customized a SharePoint template and was looking for a partner to help enhance it with features such as:

  • the automation of the processing of payments for new customers;
  • the development of an automated workflow to create new users and populate the user data.

The changes would increase the viability of the solution for both maintenance and implementation, and would create an improved customer experience.

These enhancements required a team with the requisite programming skills, and the client decided to award the project to Itransition because of our reputation as SharePoint specialists and our “attitude, the methodology offered and ability to contribute to customers’ business goals”.


The customer required workflow automation based on their Office 365 or tenant that could perform the functions below:

  • Automated subscription payments and a once off setup fee by integration with the Authorize.Net payments processor platform.
  • Creation of new user accounts within our Client’s tenant.
  • Population of user data as provided on their registration form.
  • Verification of new user names and their email addresses.
  • Sending of automated emails welcoming new users.
  • Creation of SharePoint Site Collections on the basis of the my-Know template.
  • Assignation of new users to the Site Collections.

The customer offers this knowledge management solutions based on Office 365 solution that permits the storage of personal data, access to a user community for educational purposes (sharing and learning), and also provides some business services (such as Microsoft Office Online, Skype for Business, Outlook email client, etc.). 

  • The solutions has these defined user roles:
  • The end user who stores personal data, and edits and adds content to his sites created specifically for his account;
  • The administrator who is responsible for managing all the end users’ data.

New users utilize the payment form, which was developed by Itransition and made available via the customer’s website, in order to subscribe for either a monthly or annual plan. They then choose a license type (e.g. E1 is for my-Know's option including Office 365's online tools, and E3 is for the my-Know version including Office 365 online as well as the desktop suite). The users pay upfront for their subscriptions, following which our customer provides them the requested product, thus covering the licensing aspects in full.

Itransition's SharePoint team designed and developed the custom workflow which automates the new account creation process and the payments processing. The product then can create the new user accounts in Office 365 automatically, setting up new sites where the user can store personal data (such as ideas, notes, documents and photos) to basic storage of 5 GB per user. This data cache is scalable based on the user's need and preferences.

my-Know is also available on mobile devices. Itransition's team modified the vanilla SharePoint look to give the customers a better experience (by changing the default SharePoint icons, and hiding the SharePoint controls, which are not used, among other modifications).


Having partnered with our Itransition SharePoint engineers, the client received an enhanced and fully functional product to take to market. The work that our specialists undertook during this project added stability, quality, and a better customer experience to my-Know.


In order to keep the client constantly updated on project progress, a number of communication channels were used, such as emails, phone calls, Skype calls and online demos. These channels were selected in accordance with the client's preferences.

The Itransition SharePoint specialists utilized the new Office 365 Graph API in order to create additional Office 365 users in the customer’s tenant. The architecture caters for both the custom workflow and the payment forms that are hosted in Microsoft Azure that, in turn accesses the payment platform. It also accesses Office 365 using Graph API in order to create new sites. Initially, it was planned to simply integrate the system using for a recurring manual billing option with a payment hosted on This would require customers to fill in the website payment form every time a fee fell due as specified in the terms of their subscription choice. Instead, the system was modified to automate the recurring payment requests by creating payment forms in Microsoft Azure with the ARB API from for payment confirmation. This created a much improved customer experience by automatically transferring funds from the user’s bank account on the monthly or annual basis.

To ensure that the solution met the customer's quality requirement, Itransition allocated two Quality Assurance specialists to assist during the project. These experts performed a range of testing activities, from functional tests of the workflow, to cross-browser and cross-devices testing the template generated by the workflow. They helped identify and eliminate several minor defects,  but that didn’t prevent from estimating the overall solution quality as high.

Thank you for all you have done this far. We appreciate you very much. We have had a really good experience working with you.

Russel K. Larrabee