Corporate Learning Portal for PayPal Inc.

Proactive management of offline trainings and Moodle-based online courses.

  • Proactive management of offline trainings and Moodle-based online courses
  • Integration into PayPal corporate network (Single Sign-On implemented)


PayPal Inc. is the world’s most widely used online payment acquirer. To be able to continuously grow and add to its suite of offerings, the company devotes significant effort to technical personnel training starting with the very moment a new employee joins the company.

Pursuing to organize a more effective learning process and training resources management within the new corporate training vision, PayPal approached Itransition for development of a learner-centric new hire training portal integrated into the company’s corporate network.


Itransition was chosen as the sole technology partner to perform the full spectrum of application development services, from technology consulting to development and quality assurance, followed by post-deployment ongoing system enhancement services.

The PHP-based portal developed on top of Moodle e-learning platform is designed for proactive management of online and offline training courses. Moodle LMS is leveraged to handle SCORM compliant online learning objects – quizzes, online courses, tests, assignments, etc.

The developed solution offers the following functionality:

  • for learning instructors:
    • managing learning resources
    • scheduling classes
    • monitoring attendance
    • giving assessment scores, etc.
  • for system administrators:
    • managing users
    • setting and maintaining lists of courses
    • generating reports, etc.
  • for PayPal new hires:
    • viewing course info
    • opting in/out for online courses (OLT)
    • registering for offline instructor led trainings (ILT)
    • tracking one’s learning progress and courses completeness
    • taking exams
    • rating the taken courses and commenting on them, etc.

The system also enables managers responsible for creation and management of learning plans for new employees to generate comprehensive reports on team performance, registrations, opts in/out, attendance and passes/fails to effectively track leaners’ progress.

Technical Implementation

The solution is based on Moodle LMS – an open-source e-learning platform serving as the run-time environment for educational content packages – self-contained ZIP files. Compliance with the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard ensures ubiquitous access to learning materials. The portal is integrated with the PayPal corporate network through a Single Sign-On (SSO): it can be accessed by any employee at PayPal skipping the necessity to supply a separate set of user credentials.


Currently the portal is actively used and highly rated by several thousands of PayPal’s employees, both learning instructors and newly hired technical specialists.

The developed solution played the decisive role in shaping a new advanced vision of the company’s new hire training, enabling tech personnel to reduce the learning curve and minimize the time to commencing active contribution to the company’s operations.

PayPal was nothing but satisfied with the project results and the on-time, on-budget project delivery approach adhered to at Itransition.



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