Complex ecommerce website testing

Complex ecommerce website testing

Itransition helps a large eCommerce retailer provide a better customer experience.

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Our Customer is an established business running an eCommerce portal powered by the Magento platform that offers 500+ fashion and home goods brands. The users can get up to 70% discounts buying from the platform. The Customer’s marketing department analyzed user information and preferences, and came up with several ideas on how to enhance user experience and promote sales. In order to reach the set goals, the Customer decided to add some new functionality features to their platform:

  • more payment options (gift cards and mobile wallets in addition to credit cards payments);
  • new delivery areas (adding several new shipping regions);
  • integration with major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
  • loyalty program for regular customers (a client can participate in the program by subscription and get special offers on the goods they are interested in.

Having added those features, it was of crucial importance for the business to ensure the high quality of the solution. Itransition QA engineers demonstrated the required expertise and were chosen to carry out the e-commerce website testing at all levels. Itransition’s QA team task was to ensure the new features are seamlessly integrated into the online portal and the solution’s overall performance is of high quality.


With a view to providing the Customer with the best quality, our team performed software testing services for the new portal functionality, including:

  • functional testing 
  • performance testing
  • cross-browser testing
  • test automation
  • mobile testing
  • GUI testing

Activities Breakdown

Challenge Solution Results

End-to-end testing for large eCommerce platforms that add new functionality

Strategy for test runs

Tools unification

Test scenarios planning

Task performance according to the schedule

Faster time to market

Reduced total cost of ownership

Response time recognition

Business-critical functions reliability

Platform scalability

Functionality testing

Stress testing

Load testing

Endurance testing

Predictive modeling

Test cases prioritization

Performance testing

Performance issues elimination at early stages

Faster response time

Solution performance without fail

System guaranteed availability during peak loads

Performance according to the standards across various regions

Localization testing

Regional accessibility guidelines compliance

Lower usability testing efforts (by approximately 20%)

Upgraded experience for buying online

Test Automation

This e-commerce website testing featured automation, which was implemented and performed with the help of Selenium tools that automate web browsers across numerous platforms. Employing Selenium allowed to speed up the process and save the Customer’s time and money.

Test automation process


Testing Budgets Cut by


Time Saved by Testing Automation

2830 hours

Mobile Devices Checked


Browsers Checked

4 + multiple versions for each

Critical Issues Eliminated


Test Survey Checks Prepared and Run



To ensure flawless communication between the project members during e-commerce website testing, Itransition’s team employed Scrum methodology.

Since the Customer’s goal was to increase sales and enhance user experience, it was important to ensure seamless experience for buyers across both online and mobile interfaces. Itransition QA engineers tested the platform not only across a variety of browsers but also on a number of mobile devices.

We worked with Magento CMS, PayPal, MySql, Google Analytics, Braintree, SEKO Warehouse, Mixxit Media, Qubit, Multiple Login, and remote server management.