Automated Feature-Rich Case Management System

Automated Feature-Rich Case Management System

An Automated Feature-rich Case Management System

Automated Feature-Rich Case Management System

  • Key administrative processes automation
  • Robust data storage and processing capabilities
  • Multi-parameter customization options


Dealing with the Public sector pressures

Delivering software solutions for organizations in public service is extremely challenging. Faced with the pressure of accountability and smarter decision-making, this sector puts certain restrictions and imposes greater responsibility on service providers for efficiency, transparency, and traceability of the delivered applications, requiring them to comply with specific laws, regulations and specifications.

Those considerations were taken into account by MAXIMUS, a US provider of health and human service programs to federal, state, and local governments, when looking for an experienced software engineering partner. The company needed internationalization services for a recently designed solution. The success of the trial project would determine the company’s far-going plans regarding the partnership. Therefore the customer employed very strict vendor evaluation criteria, expecting at least 3-year minimum experience with the required technologies from each team member individually selected during a rigorous interview. Impressed with the team’s skills and demonstrated subject-matter expertise, MAXIMUS selected Itransition as its development partner. Moreover, the customer decided to terminate its outsourcing relationship with another vendor in India and fully moved the project to Itransition.

Routine work automation, improved face-to-face interaction

Itransition was to support and extend a Case Management Solution, an integral component of an automated solution designed for Employment Programs. The system was designed to automate routine administrative work, while saving limited resources and leaving more room for face-to-face interaction among the employees and program participants. Itransition was to provide greater flexibility in terms of code consistency, which had been written by several independent service providers, and realize some functional features through use of more advanced technologies.


Feature-rich solution with robust data processing capabilities

Itransition extended the existing iBATIS Data Mapping Framework solution, which provides for a more transparent SQL statements coupling procedure compared to other object relational mapping tools, and MAXIMUS’ in-house developed software components to enhance MAXIMUS’ case management system, code-named WorkQWEST™. The team customized several existing modules and developed a number of new ones from scratch.

WorkQWEST™ has been designed to facilitate case manager assistants’ interaction with unemployed people wishing to take control of their career paths. The individuals out of work can enroll into special programs offering additional trainings that would enable them to make transition to new stable jobs. The system provides for robust data processing capabilities with the storage capacity of up to several million records and possibility to serve up to 1,000 concurrent users, while utilizing a host of modules supporting an extensive set of features, including:

Workflow Routing: Improves workflow by tracking all required case actions and preventing necessary case actions from being neglected or overlooked. It makes certain that staff consistently work all cases, including the most difficult-to-serve participants.

Automated and Paperless: Automates all case files and uses fully automated assessments to generate employment plans. Dashboards provide at-a-glance caseload performance and required actions.

Automated Sanction Processes: Ensures participants comply with program requirements by automatically generating good cause letters and outbound auto-dialer calls in the event of non-compliance.

Group Sessions: Enables trainings and courses management by providing visibility into the relevant courses availability, including the training topic, frequency, date, location, and the mentor; as well as attendance of a course by the participant. The latter may further affect an organization’s decision to allocate the participant a job seeking allowance or impose restrictive sanctions.


Tailored to the end-client needs

WorkQWEST 3.0 case management system allows case managers to focus on the needs of participants rather than "pushing paper” by utilizing a host of valuable features for routing, tracking, and managing respective information on the users.

The application is a highly customizable solution that provides a plethora of configuration, settings, and workflow options tailored to the end-client needs and accessible through a special permission and role management control.

The work was completed successfully with internationalization, existing modules customization along with the new module development delivered to the customer’s satisfaction. MAXIMUS continues relying on Itransition’s expertise and software engineering skills in implementing innovative automated solutions for organizations in the Public sector.



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