E-Library: ECM System Customization

E-Library: ECM System Customization

ECM System Customization

E-Library: ECM System Customization

  • User interface customization and functionality uplift
  • Integration with IRBIS library automation system
  • Digital capture and scanning module development


Our Customer – an international ISV specializing in document management – took part in a government tender and won an e-library delivery project. To meet all the specific requirements set by their client, the Customer needed to perform UI customization and functionality uplift of their proprietary content management system. To attain these ends, the company turned to Itransition to have their custom software built.


Within the project, Itransition’s team was tasked with:

  • ECM system customization using Customer’s development environment
  • Enabling protected PDF view
  • SharePoint Server based application development for digital capture and scanning workflows
  • Integration with the existing IRBIS library automation system

User Interface Customization

Itransition’s specialists changed styles and images of the system user interface so that it would meet the end client’s design requirements.

PDF Pages Protection from Printing/Copying/Saving

A standalone open source Java PDF viewer was embedded in the system, with read-only mode implemented by ways of caching and PDF to image conversion.

Itransition implemented a Flash component used to display separate images of each PDF page. This allows users to view PDF images of the books contained in the library, page by page, while restricting file printing, copying or saving capabilities.

Full-text Indexing and Searching Module

The Customer’s product had a built-in indexing and searching mechanism enabling to identify which book contained the sought after phrase, but falling short of indicating the page it was placed on and highlighting matches.

Itransition’s specialists utilized Apache Lucene – a high-performance text search engine library – to bring full text indexing capability to the system, thus, reducing drastically time-consuming searching efforts.

Document Capture and Scanning Module

To enable library personnel to publish e-books to the Customer’s ECM repository serving as an e-library, Itransition developed a SharePoint Server based module implementing document digital capture and scanning workflows.

Smooth Integration

Integration with the existing IRBIS library automation system using Z39-50 protocol posed a challenge for e-library implementation. Itransition resolved the issue by writing a C++ layer translating requests into the required format.


The modified system is currently used by library visitors, library personnel and people accessing the books storage via Internet.

Upon the initial product modification, a number of requests for further system enhancements followed. Developed primarily for a specific client, the custom-tailored system was later successfully sold to a number of other organizations.


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