Magento consulting services

Magento consulting services

Your qualified Magento consultants

Being an Adobe Bronze partner, Itransition serves as a strategic and technical consultant for brands aiming to resolve Magento-related challenges and discover new business opportunities with this powerful ecommerce platform. Our own Ecommerce Center of Excellence and Magento Competency Center continuously generate relevant expertise, enabling us to cover all the needs of digital retail companies onboarding Magento.

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How we address Magento challenges

Our end-to-end Magento consulting services help enterprises execute the operational and technical changes needed to gain a competitive edge, boost conversions, improve Magento-based store performance, and streamline development processes. If required, we can also take full responsibility for the technical side of Magento implementation and ongoing improvement.

Implementation strategy

TCO and ROI calculation

Growth barriers identification

Technical debt mitigation


Performance boosting

System integration

Conversion and checkout optimization

Pre-development Magento consulting

Whether you want to build a Magento store from scratch, migrate to Magento, or expand the capabilities of your existing solution, Itransition is here to help. Our certified team will help you establish a future-proof, flexible and user-friendly Magento store.

Pre-development Magento consulting

Magento development planning

Our Magento consultants will conduct a 360-degree analysis of your business, gather specifications, and suggest the most relevant approach to Magento development, resulting in a clear and comprehensive project roadmap. After the planning phase, you can engage our developers to cover all the required implementation activities: from Magento development and deployment to continuous maintenance and support.

Replatforming to Magento

We will analyze your legacy ecommerce solution and existing business processes to offer you the most efficient way to migrate to Magento. Our experts will help you design a migration plan, choose the most relevant Magento edition, offer customer experience improvements, and provide software engineering assistance throughout your Magento adoption journey.

Third-party app integration

Our Magento consulting specialists will assist you in selecting the most relevant third-party services and apps and integrating them with your digital store. To drive the maximum value of your Magento solution, we can help you develop custom integrations tailored to your unique business workflows.

  • PIM
  • ERP
  • Accounting
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer support
  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Payment processing

Problem-oriented Magento consulting

Our Magento consulting experts will analyze your Magento solution from both the business and technical perspectives, identify problem areas, and provide you with action points to make your digital store more profitable and competitive.




Customer retention

Store performance


Store performance review

Our team will conduct a complete audit of your Magento solution to help you identify and fix any issues that are slowing down your store and interfering with its work. Consequently, this will enable you to improve customer experience and achieve better conversion rates.

  • Problem discovery and mitigation strategy
  • Code audit
  • Action plan drawing-up
  • Solution improvement

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Magento consulting for real business results

These are some of the real outcomes of our involvement as strategic Magento consultants on projects for large digital retailers running multi-brand Magento stores. We will be happy to help you achieve similarly impressive results and drive more value from your Magento solution.


technical debt reduction


faster Magento store performance


hours saved through Magento portal testing automation

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Magento development

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