Owner of Itransition, Winner of “Man of Business 2008” Award

Owner of Itransition, Winner of “Man of Business 2008” Award

June 10, 2008


Itransition — an international software development company, well known for its fast growth, successful business practices and more than 700 completed projects, featured in Software Outsourcing 500 and CIO 100 listings, has now been recognized for execution of outstanding management practices. Mr. Sergey Gvardeitsev, CEO of Itransition, was awarded “Man of Business” prize by “Business” magazine – the most prestigious magazine and award in the entrepreneurship sphere in Belarus.

Mr. Gvardeitsev received his award together with 11 other top managers from state and privately held companies, which showed outstanding results during the last year of operations. Some of them were noted for rapid growth, others for employment of top management practices, and Itransition as a company that combines both, for “establishing an enterprise showing an example of the transition to innovative track of development”.

From the very beginning Mr. Gvardeitsev and his team have employed a very strict and ambitious hiring policy: hire only most talented and motivated people to Itransition. Such staffing policy has brought Itransition onto its innovative and highly perspective track of development.

From the very beginning, we staked on talented people and passionate professionals. There are quite a few of them, one or two per thousand. It is exactly involvement of professionals in business, which makes our business grow.

Sergey Gvardeitsev

Chairman of the Board and Owner, Itransition

Itransition, which started as a software development outsourcing services provider, has now reached a new level of its development, when it is working closer with customers, including onsite work, and takes on more large scale development and integration projects. All this calls for ongoing top management and employee training – an in-house activity Itransition is famous for providing.