Itransition became a resident in the Belarusian High-Tech Park

Itransition became a resident in the Belarusian High-Tech Park

November 1, 2006

Press Office


October 21, 2006 Itransition Company obtained a residential registration into the Byelorussian High Technology Park.
At the Registration session, the Itransition company CEO, Sergey Gvardeitsev presented the company outline and a 5-year business-plan. After the presentation the Supervision Counsel members and its chairman Mr Myasnikovich (The chairman of the Byelorussian National Science Academy) took their time asking questions about the business-plan as well as the company in general.

Evidently, Itransition’s projects quality, company growth, the steady tendency of creating additional employment, constant staff increase, clearly defined goals and the well-built business plan resulted in accepting Itransition as the High- Tech Park resident without a single dissenting vote. The Company became one of the five IT-residents in the High-tech Park.

The Byelorussian High-Tech Park (the so-called “Byelorussian Silicon Valley”) was created by the President’s decree on September, 22, 2005.  It is aimed at boosting the competitive power of the national new and high technology-based sectors, developing modern technologies and expanding their exports, as well as attracting both Belarusian and foreign technologies to the sector.

Byelorussian Silicon Valley will be the accumulation of top-notch IT specialists, latest technologies and research. Besides, High-Tech Park’s residents will enjoy a number of tax, registration, licensing and financial preferences which will definitely attract foreign investors.