Itransition - Development of PCTV systems. Crossplatform C++ Programming Services. STB Systems Migration

Development of PCTV systems

PCTV enables users reach beyond their conventional horizons and provides them not only with high quality HD video content, but also multiple other information and entertaining services, called infotainment for short.

  • Itransition helps build innovative PCTV solutions to cut development time and costs of functionality add-ons achieved through implementation of such at the program level. To ensure cross-platform compatibility of the systems we develop for our customers we leverage C/C++ technologies and XBMC, a free and open source cross-platform digital media software.

    Additionally, we will help you migrate from Set top box (STB) systems, as well as develop software solutions for portable media players.

  • Application areas of PCTV systems vary from corporate to home usage:

    • Corporate solutions: waiting lounges, hospitals, restaurants, conference halls etc.
    • Solutions for Households: home cinema, home media centers etc.

PCTV Features

    • Live HD video and audio
    • Podcasts listening
    • Internet browsing
    • Video On Demand (VOD), free or pay-per-view options
    • Easy integration with any system to provide up to date information to customers
    • Interactive services: weather, local information, news
    • Video-conferencing and IM
    • Interactive and online games
    • Integration with external devices, CCTV and security systems, Smart Home and Digital Appliances

Benefits in comparison to STB

  • Powerful GUI, multi window mode, widgets

  • Support of any multimedia formatsl

  • Rich interactive user capabilities

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