Will the Real Outsourcers Please Stand Up?

2 min.

From the death of outsourcing, to outsourcing budgets going up all the time, so much has been written on the topic that the mere idea of writing about it once again can fill the writer with nausea. The polarization on the subject is also dizzying: from black to white, from high to low, with no greys or shallow places in between. No, outsourcing isn’t the freshest of topics, but maybe that’s the first and the best argument for it – we’ve talked about it for so many years, and we are still talking about it. Something must be going right.

Everyone has an opinion about outsourcing. And a lot of these so-called opinions are based on rewriting the same old Google articles in new ways from website to website by ghost copywriters who are posing as experts in the topic without having worked a day in the minefield. Maybe it is time for the real gurus of outsourcing to stand up, step forward and share the wisdom. Now is the time of high quality content Internet, isn’t it? So maybe we are the ones who can start making it.

Well, as a client looking for an outsourcer, you always want to know how to find that perfect match. And this time let’s really look at the issue instead of copy pasting a generic article with the subliminal message in between every line (pick our company, pick our company).

Let’s not be afraid to say when outsourcing sucks, when it poses a risk, and how to avoid that. Let’s not be afraid that in a certain situation, for a particular project, outsourcing will never work, and it shouldn’t even be attempted. Let’s not be afraid to tell the clients what they do wrong because we have to be politically correct and squeeze a smile out even when we want to cry. Mistakes are mistakes, and in outsourcing, they can be really costly.

I think it is time to revise the topic of outsourcing now, when the economy is rebounding (hopefully) and there is a good chance that many of us will be starting exciting, daring projects together. And it proves again that outsourcing isn’t just chosen in critical, doom and gloom times to ‘save money’.

There is something else that attracts clients time and time again. What is it? Is it the expertise of offshore teams that have smoothed the process over to perfection through years of trial and error? Is it the enthusiasm and the undying curiosity for the job at hand? Is it the ‘foreign factor’ that brings the best out in them? Let’s find out. And I hope we have fun in the meantime.