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Bringing Long-Distance Collaboration to the Next Level, or Why Itransition Opened an Office in the UK

By Yury Chernikov

This article discusses different branch office modes Itransition has tried over the years, the scheme we consider optimal for us at the moment, the offshore/local dilemma as well as some considerations on the efficient mixed team approach. [...]

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4 Integration Levels of Embedded Analytics on Itransition’s BI Project Examples

By Svetlana Pyatakova

It’s impossible to imagine leading mobile and enterprise apps without garnering important insights from embedded analytics. However, embedding has to be implemented correctly and at the right depth for your company to reap most benefits. Today we look at different 4 integration levels, based on the depth of analytics embedding. [...]

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Houston, Do You Read? Setting Up Effective Communication in Geographically Distributed Teams

By Eugene Dorosh

Different backgrounds and time zone differences add to the difficulty of communication and knowledge sharing among team members. Let’s look at the five fundamental practices to boost essentially the efficiency of communication in large, geographically distributed project teams. [...]

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Developers Before, Today and in the Future

By Press Office

Today we discuss where the profession is at the moment, what makes good developers great and what will happen in the future with Itransition’s Chief Technology Officer Yury Zelensky. [...]

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How to Outsource Development Effort without Cooling Your Hot Startup Down

By Anna Ilyushchits

As marketer at a technology services company, I’ve sifted through our history of startup-initiated projects in an attempt to sum up what type and scope of tasks are typically outsourced and emphasize what aspects you as a startup owner shall watch out for to secure a most favorable output. [...]

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“Failed” Projects: How to Learn and Grow from Business Mistakes

By Seva Maslov

There are plenty examples from my experience of projects that had disastrous results from the outside, but turned out to be very useful or super successful in some of its parts, not so obvious to an outside observer. If you think about it — success and failure are largely relative categories. Let me give you a few examples. [...]

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How to Work with Large Corporations and not Get Swallowed by the Sea

By Irina Glavatskaya

Since we are a service company ourselves, we can sum up our experience and provide some useful tips that may help you in working with market leaders and not ending up in a rut. Today we talk about a couple of general tips and some of those that can be useful primarily for startups, charitable institutions, and service companies. [...]

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Ongoing Employee Training: Why Do You Need It And How Do You Do It?

By Svetlana Pyatakova

So how do you motivate and stimulate millennials who always want to feel included, an active part of the team, learning fast without being talked down or preached? [...]

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Step-by-Step Guide through Successful Negotiations

By Katerina Maksimova

Closing a deal is hardly an easy task, as long as the seller and the customer observe deal from different perspectives and want to gain maximum profit out of it. The only way to make the expectations of both parties meet is to negotiate for the win-win solution. The infographics below suggests the must-use strategies for preparation and conduction of targeted talks as seen by Itransition. [...]

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4 Manager Types – Choose the Right One

By Tim Chebunin

Management style is often guided by what is more important to managers – expert task assignment or the fact that everyone works as much as the contract says they should. Let’s see what kinds of teams vibe best with what types of managers, and vice versa. [...]

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