October 19, 2009


This year Itransition jumped 69 position up in the list, significantly improving its overall rating, due to a 60% increase in company’s 2008 revenue. The Software 500 is one of the most significant awards in the IT industry, ranking both private and public software companies based on their annual revenue, as well as proving important analytical insights about the overall state of the industry.

It is reported that much of the growth in this year’s Software 500 is in the System Integration Services/IT Consulting and Outsourcing Services sector, with employment rising 20% annually. Software as a service is another business category gaining popularity, with more Software 500 companies claiming to be engaged in this sector this year than ever before.

Itransition’s continuous progress in the Software 500 ranking confirms the true value of its sound business model and robust sales performance management. Despite the reported decrease in worldwide organization’s IT investment by 5%, Itransition’s expert-based vertical experience across a wide array of industries and a wide spectrum of service offerings enables Itransition to constantly improve sales performance and increase revenues.

“For Itransition being shortlisted among the 500 largest software companies in the world in 3 consecutive years is a great achievement. But even better is the fact that every year we are improving our ranking in the list, taking higher position despite of all the turbulence in the market. This proves that we have elaborated the sound global business model which works well for the company and for our customers,” says Sergey Gvardeitsev, CEO of Itransition.