May 24, 2006

ROSS (Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit) is an annual Conference of Eastern European software development companies.

This year ROSS program included a Conference with keynotes and presentations from leading consultants and industry analysts, publications like Forrester Research, Deloitte & Touche, Datamonitor and eWeek, and a number of discussion panels and B2B meetings.  The ROSS organizers are RUSSOFT Association and Fort-Ross Ltd.

As usual, Itransition took part in ROSS presenting its offshore software development services.

In this respect some facts about outsourcing: according to Gartner’s reports India dominates, and will continue to dominate, the offshore outsourcing market with about 80 percent to 90 percent of total market revenue. But at the same time other business requirements than cost, such as language requirements, time zones and cultural similarity, will continue to become more critical among buyers’ key evaluation and selection criteria. So as a result market analytics point out the growing interest in Eastern European offshore regions such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and others. Such events as Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit are the trend-setters in nearshore business development.

The practical answer to this trend is Nearsourcing Services Concept offered by Itransition. Nearsourcing Concept is a natural blend of “nearshore” and “outsourcing” concepts.

The processes taking place nearshore are considered to be similar and easier to control. The similarity of the processes is due to cultural likeness such as languages, structures of business processes, quality standards, management tools, legal issues and easy communication. Higher level of control is achieved with minimum time zone differences and close location, variety of communication tools available and additional costs savings due to close geographic locations.

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