May 28, 2009


Itransition Software Development Company, the leader in innovative technology solutions, announced the release of its 2 new software products under CORE brand name. New CORE CMS and CORE E-Commerce engines allow for easy deployment, maintenance, and continuous websites’ upgrading with different complexity and structure levels.

Itransition new products include all available tools required for effective and efficient production of tomorrow’s business website. These products help to deliver sites that are highly scalable, robust and secure. Only with our CORE CMS and E-Commerce products all work can be done by a user with general computer experience, which in turn lets you reduce both the cost of deployment and time to market!  There is no need for web development skills or knowledge!

The products are the result of Itransition vast experience in enterprise portals’, content management systems’ and custom websites’ development. The most experienced programmers worked in team with our talented young professionals to create these modern and secure CORE CMS and CORE E-commerce solutions.

CORE CMS can create and manage sites and portals of different sizes from very small to fairly large. Just by clicking a button you can create, control, store, publish your content on the website and manage user accounts. With CORE CMS it’s extremely easy to keep your customers with the most recent information, start marketing campaigns, and have your business flourish.

CORE E-Commerce is an integrated, customizable web-based online shopping cart solution. With the great number of features CORE E-Commerce is an excellent tool for managing your business. CORE E-commerce allows you to reduce the costs of business, sell directly to customers, control your business efficiently, add new products, make payment process secure and much more.

Get the latest technology for the price of standard functionality! Itransition team has done its’ best to enhance  CORE E-Сommerce framework with payment transactions monitoring, advanced shopping cart and feedback management system, extensive images storing ability and marketing tools with no additional cost! Packaged solution which includes basic CORE E-Сommerce/ CORE CMS package and initial deployment on live server will cost you only 1000$. The Hosted solution is 1800$. It includes basic CORE E-Commerce/CORE CMS package, initial deployment on live server, hosting and project support for 12 month.

Itransition CORE products give you the power to start, grow and manage your online business with unsurpassable ease! Itransition CORE CMS and E-Commerce contain everything you need to run any type of e-business. Whatever your goals, and whomever your audience, Itransition highly experienced team and its CORE products can help you create lasting value and a growing customer community cheap and easy.