Powerpoint for the Enterprise: Maximizing Your Communication Potential

2 min.

Even though PowerPoint has recently had to deal with some competition from online services that turned out to be too expensive, there are no fully analogous products to PowerPoint when it comes to being easy-to-use and cost-effective. In 2015 PowerPoint is still a universal product that virtually has no usage limitations and is much needed in every type of business.

Unfortunately, many enterprises do not realize the full potential PowerPoint may have on their communications. A picture does speak a thousand words and thanks to the proliferation of imagery online, target audiences today react more positively to pitches that are visual and succinct rather than textual and long. Keeping it short and appealing primarily to vision is the great power of PowerPoint.

Its another advantage is combining media that seems difficult to combine. Even though we are inundated by different types of media all the time, sometimes one type is not enough to paint the whole picture, and several types of media have to somehow be combined in one file. A PowerPoint presentation is the perfect tool for that.

Here are ways to customize PowerPoint to maximize communications:

  1. Developing and using corporate style in presentation materials as an integral component of all business processes in the modern enterprise.
  2. Customization of different elements in PowerPoint: Ribbon, Custom Task Panes, Backstage View and Shortcut Menus.
  3. The two major ways to customize PowerPoint: developing in-house using your own efforts or making add-ins with hired developers.
  4. In what cases do you need add-ins? Examples of add-ins that make life easier: creating, storing and managing repositories of PowerPoint elements; sharing presentations; discussing presentations, etc.

PowerPoint should be part of the business processes of each company. Commercial offers made with the help of PowerPoint can hook the client in one instant. It’s a great chance to present facts in a visual way, proving important points and cementing first impressions, even if communication is taking place online, and not face to face.