April 09, 2009


On March 31, 2009  Itransition and a global provider of self-service web applications BroadVision announced strategic partnership to provide and promote BroadVision Solutions.

Itransition has gained the exclusive rights to present BroadVision in CIS marketplace after extensive partner search among most advanced system integrators in Central and Eastern Europe.   Under the terms of the agreement, Itransition and BroadVision will engage in joint development, customization, marketing, sales, technical support and training activities.

BroadVision is a leading provider of e-commerce and enterprise portal solutions to many companies internationally. Recognized as an e-business pioneer, BroadVision is building on that legacy of innovation with support for open source platforms and agile web process development – making it fast and easy to incorporate new self-service capabilities into current web environments.

BroadVision Commerce ExpressTM provides comprehensive e-commerce capabilities for a mid-market out-of-the-box solution, with a focus on flexibility, ease of use and rapid deployment. The company looks forward to combining its strengths with Itransition to provide customers with leading eBusiness solutions at competitive prices in the CIS market.

“The consumer market for eBusiness is growing rapidly and Itransition is ready to provide customizable BroadVision platforms with full customer and technical support,” said Dr Valery Virkovski, Corporate Director, Itransition. “Our combined solutions will further stimulate growth by providing customers with a means of moving more business processes to the web while dramatically decreasing the overall cost of ownership and giving a rapid ROI.”

Itransition is projecting excellent sales for the BroadVision Solutions in the emerging market in CIS and plans to expand joint marketing and sales activities with BroadVision to include Central and Eastern Europe later this year.