March 23, 2009


The National Academy of Sciences together with the Belarusian Ministry of Communications has prepared a strategy for the development of the Belarusian Information Society for the next 6 years (until 2015). The development of the Information Society is seen as a national project that calls for close cooperation and joint efforts of the government, businesses and citizens.

The most experienced and successful IT companies help governmental institutions draft the Strategy and define its principles, and Itransition is also actively involved in the process.

Itransition has been active on the Belarusian software and IT market for 10 years. The company has broad experience working with commercial and governmental organizations in North America and Western Europe and is always on top of the latest technology trends and best practices in the information sphere due to the participation in conferences, seminars and trainings held all over the world by global innovators. Itransition is a resident of the High Tech Park, a multiple winner of international awards and a certified Microsoft and SAP AG partner.

Itransition employees are willing to share the obtained knowledge with others and indicate that participation in the Initiative on the Information Society Strategy is a great honor. The  Information Strategy is an important step towards the development of the country as a centre of innovative projects and technologies. The improvement of overall well-being, cultural and moral enrichment are only possible on the basis of intellectual and innovative development. Itransition believes that the formation of the new governmental information technology policy will help the country to attract foreign investments. The implementation of the strategy will lead to worthy projects which will bring great benefits to current and future generations.