June 23, 2009


Itransition participated in Mediapark Congress in the Netherlands on 23 June, 2009. The Congress was a great success and gave our company a unique opportunity to present its services for media industry. Digital distribution solutions, interactive presentations, corporate sites and portals, media streaming solutions, CRM and ERP systems, Content management solutions offered by Itransition were of the greatest interest to all Mediapark Congress participants.

After the successful first edition of the Mediapark Year Congress in 2008, iMMovator Cross Media Network and Media Academy organized a second edition of the Mediapark Year Congress in Hilversum on 23 June 2009. This time, the Congress focused on change in the media landscape. The Mediapark Year Congress dealt with economic and digital developments by means of visions, new figures and new research. Central questions were: what would the new media industry in 2015 look like? What would be the role of the Netherlands in the international market?

A great number of qualified and awarded professionals in the sphere of media as well as media solutions providers were invited to the congress to share their unique knowledge to the participants.  They touched upon the most crucial changes and provided a full vision of the present media landscape. Today, media companies face a myriad of challenges as the digital content economy evolves. The number of content sources and distribution end points is proliferating and along with that, the sheer number of digital assets is exploding. Managing this complexity with a single, robust, purpose-built infrastructure is critical.

The importance of the media delivery solutions can’t be underestimated. Itransition deployments help media companies that experience the challenges coming from the explosion of digital media. During the Congress our professionals held lots of successful discussions with business partners, who showed an extreme interest in delivery solutions offered by Itransition. In particular, solutions, which automate and streamline manually intensive processes in the digital supply chain.

Mediapark Year Congress is a perfect opportunity for media business professionals. Here you get an excellent chance to learn about the latest trends, the brightest ideas that will help to stay on the top even in the period of global crisis. That’s why the event like Mediapark is always of the greatest interest of both media companies and media solutions developers like Itransition.